Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap day

Well hello there knitting blog. I sure did miss you in February. I happened to have an extra day though because of Leap year and so I thought I'd pop in and say hey, how's it going. Look I finished some socks:


I love them.

I have a few more things to report. I perfected my lassi recipe and had plans to share it here, then my blender broke. Then I got a new blender. So perhaps the next entry and be the lassi recipe. Except it doesn't work so well in the new blender, which crushes ice much differently. Effectively but different.

I also have yarn to use to make my girls much requested new cardigans. This has been such a warm winter that I have not really felt that need (ie being cold all the time) to knit sweaters for everyone. Then on the eve of spring winter has put up a fight. So I guess it is time to pick a pattern and start swatching. Besides, spring is a great time to wear a cardigan, when you need just a little bit more warmth (over the short sleeve shirt you insisted on wearing because by golly it is SPRING).

I promise to update more in March. I'm busy but I'll make time. Of course March is when knitting competes with these:
Paper kite