Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 30

So here we are the last day of September. How did I do? Here are the goals:

Sew at least 3 pairs of pj pants for each girl
I did this! Well the third pair is awaiting elastic and a hem. This is not my fault, as the girl who wanted those pants has not tried on elastic.

Halloween costumes
The only progress I have made on this front is that I now know what everyone is going to be. Which is better than how I started September. Yesterday, I was going to make a shopping list , but could not find panda girl's rendition of how she wanted her costume to look. Found it as homework was kicking into high gear. Hopefully that will get done and I can actually shop for materials.

Can peaches
Did this! I have something like 34 cans of peaches.

Can tomatoes
Yep, even though I had to buy about half of my tomatoes. I have 18 or so cans. Plus pizza sauce. Ate some sauce made from the tomatoes last night too. YUM!

Finish sweater
I finished it yesterday! I'll do detail and pictures another day.

Start new sweater
Nope. And furthermore, I think I am going to put this sweater off until closer to spring. I guess that means I’m in need of a new project.

Socks for girls?

Update the decluttering blog at least once a week.
Close enough. I think I did 3 times this month.

I also had set some basic goals. Did get my 10k steps every day. I didn't always get rid of two things every day and I didn't always plank, but most days I did.

So, for today I’ll do my steps, planking, and decluttering. I volunteered this morning at the school library (which is why I’m late and I smell of goo gone--aren’t you glad you can’t smell me?). I’m going off to work in a little bit and then this afternoon I’ll be in project planning mode. Making my shopping list for Halloween, trying to decide what to knit next, thinking of October’s goals are all on the list. I wanted to start proofreading chapter 6 (I finished Chapter 5 yesterday!), but I think the planning might help more in the long run.

Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29

Yesterday, I didn't really have great big goals, but I did manage to meet most of them. I got my 10k steps (big walk around the big block!), decluttered (old therapy putty-- should have done a second item though ), planked (4 sets of 30 seconds)and managed to get the clothes shopping and the library trip.

I also promised I'd tell the story of the yarn. Saturday my LYS was having a sale, and I went because I have a gift card, and a friend working there. I thought I'd pick up some sock yarn, which is almost always my default. But I wasn't really seeing anything I had to have. But I did run into some friends and got to chatting. They were all really into making this cowl called the bloom striped cowl out of misti alpaca baby me boo and a complimentary colored solid yarn. And they had set out several ideas for the solid. The store sample was gorgeous, with purples. But I resisted for a while because I'm not a big cowl person. I'm not sure why, but I just don't wear them. Then I spotted some silky wool that I just knew would go with it. Which is how I ended up spending Saturday digging through my yarn and pulling out another silky wool (in purple) and a Noro silk garden. Probably by the time I make the cowl, I'll have decided of some orange yarn I don't even own yet. Or maybe blue.


Today though, already has goals, so no starting new knitting for me today. Today I'm running and then I have another meeting. I'm hoping that in the afternoon I'll get *my* pj pants sewn and the rest of chapter 5 proofread. Of course I'll still do steps (aiming for 12k with the run + meeting), planks and decluttering.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

September 28

Yesterday was kind of a lazy day. By 10:30am when I got dressed, I only had 188 steps. But I did get moving and ended up with just barely 10k steps. I made a real effort to plank during the day instead of waiting until just before bed and thinking "crap I have to plank!" And so did my 3 sets of 30 seconds by 8pm. I also got rid of two shirts, a book with no spine, and mismatched socks that I would have pitched even if they had mates. I read and relaxed and went yarn shopping at my LYSs fall sale. I bought some stuff too, and took some pictures, but that will have to wait. I bought purples, and so took pictures with my better camera so I could get a better rendering of the purple. But Friday I had dragged around my point and shoot, and so yesterday I downloaded the pictures I took Friday. Follow that?

So this is how every morning was last week with a light fog as the sun rose.


Then I thought you might like to see the pink kitties


Today, it is kind of the same as yesterday, steps, decluttering, plank. I need to get the laundry done and get girls through homework. On Sundays they like to go to the library, and if need to take them shopping (for jeans, I'm going to need some heavy knitting time after that)


Saturday, September 27, 2014

September 27

Yesterday, I got my 10k steps (I made girls walk to 7-11 for slurpees-- the horror!), I decluttered by reading some newspapers that I had stacked up and then recycling them. Yes, they were not clutter that had been around for years, but weeks, so I feel like this counts. I didn't want to plank, so I told myself I only needed to do two sets of 30 seconds. I also managed to finish the pink pj pants I started yesterday. The panda ones are awaiting elastic and hemming. Both require cooperation.

I did read chapter 5, getting to page 15 I think. And I worked, discovering at the end, that my work computer has been infected with malware. (Sigh). I had suspected something was up when Adobe reader mysteriously disappeared a month or so ago. I have addressed the problem, and hopefully resolved it.

Today, beyond the planking, steps, and decluttering I am just going to take it easy. I'll try to finish the panda pjs, and I have a pair I want to make for me, so maybe those will be the next pair I sew. Both girls have wondered aloud about their Halloween costumes recently too. I have not started on those, and maybe today is the day to read my pattern, and make a shopping list.

In reality, all is really want to do today is read. Read my fun book, my book club book, and chapter 5.

Friday, September 26, 2014

September 26

Yesterday! Well yesterday was a lovely day until 3pm. I did my fasting blood work (attempted to proof chapter 5 in the waiting room--turns out I can no longer tune out a television while I read. Must be for lack of practice) and was in and out in less than an hour. I had a mediocre phlebotomist and will have a big ole bruise. But then I got to meet my lovely biker chick friend for a long leisurely breakfast (is it brunch if you stay until the lunch crowd starts coming in?). Much better company than chapter 5 I tell you. Then I went home and cut out and sewed up a pair of pj pants!


I was afraid at first because this print has a definite direction to it. The pandas are all standing up in rows like a panda army (well a panda army with pink hearts). But it turns out--as you can see, I usually lay my pants pattern out in one direction. It just took thinking about getting them going the right direction. These pants are ready for elastic and hemming. That took 20 minutes--maybe half hour including cutting.

So then I went for a run and took a shower. The run was ok. I'm trying to get back into shape so my intervals feel pathetic to me.

After my shower, I had 20 minutes before school pickup so I laid out and cut the next pair of PJ pants (pink cats with glasses). I didn't photograph that. I didn't have time to sew them up, but thought--Oh well I'm sure I'll be able to find 20 minutes sometime this afternoon. Oh famous last words.

The girls were chatty after school, and let me tell you--when your tween girl wants to tell you things, you stop and you listen. So I listened. And I made smoothies for snacks (and one for me since I skipped lunch due to the huge breakfast). Because we usually need some decompression time, I let the girls watch a 23 min on demand disney channel episode every day before homework. I can see you saying--well there is your 20 minute sewing time right there. Um no. I needed to pick up hamburger for dinner--but couldn't do that until I determined who wanted burgers and who wanted hotdogs (which is why I didn't do it earlier). When I got home, tv was done and homework time began. Usually homework is not terrible. This year we are really struggling with math. I won't go into too many details except to say that 1) I hate the textbook (which promises to be online but will not print--like a single page when someone forgets their book. And will not open on the ipad--after we downloaded the app, logged in and discovered that ONE book is not an "ebook." Thanks!) and 2) the girls are adjusting to this teacher's style of teaching.

An HOUR later dinner was cooking, girls had finished homework--I started to check it, but gave up to get dinner on the table. After dinner it was one big long cleanup followed by the last CSA pickup, followed by the grumpiest bedtime I've seen in ages. At one point the pink cat jammie kid says--OH do I have any new jammies? I answer that I cut them out but hadn't had a chance to sew them. GO do it NOW! she says. Um yeah no.

I guess I just needed to vent there huh?

Anyway, I did get 14K steps, I found two pieces of school art that missed the purge and sent them to grandma's house, and planked 2 sets of 30 seconds, and did 2 sets each side of side planks for 15 seconds. I need to work on my form for the side planks. I only got to page 5 instead of the 27 I was aiming for in chapter 5.

Today, well I need to get the pink cat jammies sewn up. I need to get some de-cluttering, and my steps and my planks done. I need to get some housework and some work work done. I'd like to update the de-cluttering blog. And I'd like to get to page 30 on chapter 5.

I have also been giving some though to this project I started in September--this blogging thing. Do I want to continue it for October? Would you read it? Do you find it boring, as I'm not really showing off my knitting--although I am knitting nearly every night after girls go to bed. I've been thinking about maybe a weekday update as I find weekends a little hectic and lazy at the same time. Drop me a comment--even if you think I should just go back to sporadic updates with pure crafting content. (Just don't be mean)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

September 25

Yesterday I got 13k steps, and did all my errands. I also decluttered, getting rid of a few things that were sitting on the guest bed (which by the way I keep decluttering and people keep piling crap on it). I opted to take a plank rest day. I even managed to get a little work done at work. I'm still behind, but catching up.

Today, I have a fasting blood test and afterwards I have promised myself breakfast out (with chapter 5 for company?). After that? Well planking, steps and decluttering of course. I'd like to get some exercise today, either running or biking. Also, I need to get to page 27 on the draft of chapter 5 and I need to sew some pj pants. I'm hungry and need to take the ladies to school, so no time for the pictures I took yesterday. Let's just say it is beginning to look a lot like fall.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September 24

Yesterday, I got my 10k steps, planked four sets of 30 seconds, but did not declutter.
I went on a 14 mile bike ride, and worked and volunteered. It was a very very busy day, but fun!

Today, I feel like I have a list as long as my arm. I wanted to go to yoga, but I missed the class so I could go to a rummage sale jewelry preview. I saw the most gorgeous ring and bracelet. Both way too much and I knew I'd never wear the bracelet because of the clasp. I may need to go over on half price day and see if the ring is still there.

But you know today I'll do the usual stuff (plank, declutter, steps). I have a list of stuff I need to do, mostly errand type things. (We need propane, I have some returns, and some things that got missed on the grocery run). I need to remember not to eat anything after 8pm, so I can get my cholesterol checked tomorrow morning. Such an exciting life.

Because I never got around to taking a picture yesterday, I thought I'd so a screen grab of my fitbit dashboard from yesterday. I love it when it says hooray!


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September 23

So yesterday was pretty much the time suck that I predicted, only with added tween drama. Yes, you must do your homework before you watch tv, even though you usually get a tv episode before homework (you know when you need to decompress from school--a place you didn't go!)

Anyway, I planked three sets of 30 seconds, barely got my 10k steps, and actually got rid of a huge pile of cleaning rags (I still have more do not despair), and a shirt that missed my big closet purge from this winter. I also managed to finish chapter 4 of the book I am proof reading, and finished my Louise Penny book.

Today, I volunteer at school, and need to get that work that I've been trying to get done since Friday (yes, I have a flexible job, but yes, they will get upset if I don't get this done soon). Am also plotting an afternoon bike ride.

Should be a fairly easy day to get my 10k steps! I'll still plank (going for the 4th set) and declutter. I don't see that I have any time to work on my larger sewing goals, but hopefully I'll get started on chapter 5 of the manuscript.

What's on your agenda today?

Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22

Yesterday, I barely got my 10k steps, I planked three sets of 30 seconds and made two whole pairs of pj pants! This set was the matching "monster" set. And let me tell you I could not believe my girls wanted the same fabric, because they NEVER want to match. I had one set cut out, and yesterday I not only totally finished those, but the second ones as well. In fact one daughter wore hers to bed. I made some significant progress on the proof reading AND I read a bunch of my fun book.
This means I've made 2 of the 3 sets I set out to do in September!

What I did not do was declutter. I'm not sure why exactly.

Today the girls have a day off from school (for professional development, so maybe I should have signed them up for a conference?). Because of that, I'm setting my goals really low. Like steps, decluttering and planking, and not much else.

I need to go to my office and get some work done and I'll try to do that, but that almost feels like a stretch goal. Oh and I'm going to update my iPad to ios8. Hopefully that will go ok.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

September 21

Yesterday, I took a truckload of stuff to be donated, and added a lamp to it. I'm counting that as two, just by virtue that it is all out of the house. I also got my 10k steps, coming in from a walk just 10 minutes before a huge rainstorm moved in. I got my planking done 3 sets of 30 seconds. I also bought more flannel and elastic. But really, no other forward progress.

Today, I'm going to do all the usual stuff (declutter, steps, plank) and try really hard to make some forward progress on the next round of pj pants. Stretch goal is to make some progress on proof reading chapter 4. The sleepover did happen though, so perhaps a nap should be on the agenda.

September 21

Yesterday, I took a trunk load of stuff to be donated, and added a lamp to it. I'm counting that as two, just by virtue that it is all out of the house. I also got my 10k steps, coming in from a walk just 10 minutes before a huge rainstorm moved in. I got my planking done 3 sets of 30 seconds. I also bought more flannel and elastic. But really, no other forward progress.

Today, I'm going to do all the usual stuff (declutter, steps, plank) and try really hard to make some forward progress on the next round of pj pants. Stretch goal is to make some progress on proof reading chapter 4. The sleepover did happen though, so perhaps a nap should be on the agenda.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

September 20

Yesterday, I did get my 10k steps, in part because I had to make an extra trip to school (I walk. It is 1500 steps round trip) to get homework. I know I said I wasn't doing any more canning, but I did do some preserving. I ended up with 4 quarts of green beans and no real way to use the in a timely manner, so I froze two quarts of them. I don't generally do beans, because it haven't had great luck with them in the past. We will see.

I did my three sets of 30 second planks. And got rid of a whole pile of papers and crap the girls had shoved in with their stickers. I also managed to finish the first set of the pj pants (and both girls are wearing them to bed) AND cut out the first of the next set.

I feel like this was a lot for having had a sick kid at home. Then I remember I didn't get as much of my paying work done today as I really needed to. I did as much as I could without going into my office.

Today.... well, I'm not sure. The planks, the steps, the decluttering of course but beyond those, the only thing I must get done is a trip to Joann's for more flannel (for me, because it is on super sale) and elastic. The sleepover may happen tonight or it may not. Perhaps I'll load the car up with my donation boxes and bags and get everything out if my house.

My stay at home daughter loved the way the beans looked in their sink of ice water, and so she took a very artistic picture:

Friday, September 19, 2014

September 19

Yesterday, I sat in meetings for 4.5 hours. Seriously. I did manage to get my 10K steps because I took a HUGE walk. I managed to get both bathrooms cleaned in anticipation of a sleepover (that we’ve now had to postpone—more on that later). I also talked both girls into doing a fitting on their PJ pants, which was harder than it should have been. Despite being sore from yoga, I did three 30 second planks.
However, I got rid of nothing. (unless you count the gross stuff in bathroom cleaning- which I do not)

Today I have a kid home sick. I don’t keep kids home lightly, and I should have kept her sister home a day last week. I think, given the fun stuff at school today (They were going to EAT mealworms) and the sleepover which I said I’d postpone if she stayed home, she probably really feels crappy. Probably I am the parent everyone hates, sending kids in when they are sneezing or coughing but the reality is that if I kept a kid home every single time they were runny nose, cough, sneezing—they’d stay home most of the winter.

Anyway, today I’ll declutter and plank, and get my 10K steps. I’ll finish the pj pants, and maybe start some new ones. I need to go to work. Most of what I need to do I can do from home, but I guess I’ll need to arrange someone to stay with my poor sick kid for what I need to go in for. I’d like to update the decluttering blog.

I had her take some pictures of my dahlia cardigan. I finished this back in March—and I posted pictures but they all had strings that I hadn’t weaved in. So I was thinking I should take some new pictures not that it is totally finished and my ends are weaved in and the provisional cast on is off. The upside to having a tween stay home, is that you can usually bribe her to take your picture. And she may make you laugh even. DSCN3636

Thursday, September 18, 2014

September 18

So yesterday. What to say about yesterday? Let's just say anytime I say I need to run errands, I should probably admit that I will get nothing else done. They are remodeling our Meijer (and their new sign for the kids section says "Kid's" which is just going to drive me batty every time I am there) and so nothing is where it used to be. What that means is that you really can't plan your route if you have only like 12 things to get (and that's usually how my mid-week trip goes). The good part is that you rack up the steps, so even though my afternoon errand running sucked up the better part of the afternoon, I easily got 13K steps.

I really didn't make progress anywhere else. I went to yoga (and predictably I am SORE), and farmer's market. I got the elastic casings on the pj pants sewn down and both girls measured for elastic.

Probably my best area was in de-cluttering, because I cleaned our tv/sleepover room in preparation for Friday's sleepover, and got rid of so much stuff: 3 computer games, 2 white boards, some cords to old electronics, and some yarn scraps and swatches. And yes, I just admitted to throwing away old swatches and tiny balls of leftover yarn. Yarn, for me, is a hard thing to de-clutter, but I was sick of having these tiny balls of yarn around (and I do mean tiny--think smaller than golf balls. Think shooting marble sized)

Today, I have the errands sitting equivalent: meetings. Ever since I was downsized from my part-time library job, I have been doing a lot of volunteering (In addition to a very small part-time job). I'm at the point in my volunteer career where I do a lot of organizing with other people, which means--meetings. Today I have two. For two different things. I like the volunteering, but I am not crazy about the meetings. Maybe if we walked while we talked....

I am hoping that I still have time to do some more cleaning. I can't really do much on the PJ pants as they need fittings for length. I forgot to get elastic yesterday, so I'm now officially out. Just another reason why I don't want to cut out the other 4 pairs I need to make. I kind of need to go into my office and put in an hour at my actual paying job (see what I mean so part-time I do maybe 3-4 hours a week).

One thing I like about this project is that it really forces me to make a realistic to do list. I just deleted about 7 other things I "should" do today. I don't have time, really, to get the things I've already listed done, but it is a lot more realistic than what is going on in my head. (a trip to Joann's and taking a carload off to the donation center, updating the de-clutter blog, all those things will have to wait).

So today in a nutshell: meetings, 10k steps, get rid of 2 things. Stretch goal: finish pj pants.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September 17

Yesterday, I did run (and I upped my intervals to 5 min running, 3 walking) and made it three miles. It was ugly, but I did it. As a consequence, I made it to 15K steps. I almost forgot to plank, and so right at bedtime I did 2 reps of 30 seconds. I only got rid of one thing yesterday--a nail file. I did however, get the second pair of pjs cut out and sewed together. I was also super productive at work, which is good. I also threw my canning pot into the dishwasher and put it and all the other canning supplies AWAY

Today, I'm headed to farmer's market where I will NOT buy anything to can. NO. For one thing, I only have 3 jars left and for another, let's just say, I'm done. I will however, buy some stuff to eat. After that yoga. I have not been in ages, and so I'm cutting myself some planking slack. I do vinyasa yoga, so plenty of planking there. Today, I also plan to clean the house and run some errands. My elastic supply is low, and so I need some more. Hopefully, I'll be able to finish the PJ pants today too.

I know I've been kinda quiet on the knitting front, and I apologize. I have been plugging away quietly on a project I started at the beginning of summer. And it is taking me so long because I keep finding myself going UGH at the thought of more stockinette in the round. But last night I finished the second sleeve, so I hope I'll get to show it off soon.

OH I know! Yesterday I pulled out my new socks (The ones I finished in July) and they are even yummier than I remembered. I LOVED wearing them. Which is of course the great thing about making socks in the summer--it feels like all new when you finally get to wear them. Kind of like finishing them twice.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sept 16

Yesterday I finished up my canning with 2 pints of pizza sauce. My only complaint was that I had most of a third pint, but not enough to get up to the required headspace. So now I have pizza sauce I need to eat or freeze. Also that took 3 hours, I kid you not.

I did a little sewing on the pj pants, but not a lot--enough to run out the bobbin thread and get too lazy to replace it. I got my errands run, including a trip to the next town over to buy pants for my picky picky daughter. I got my 10k steps in with a little before bed pacing, and planked 4sets of 30 seconds.

I'm feeling good about the decluttering. I went through the kid art, photographed it, had the girls pick their 2 favorites, and gave the rest to their grandma. Out of my house! Although now I'm wondering if they gave away the pieces I saved to keep (I saved one each).

Probably most impressive was that my husband solved the Halloween dilemma. One girl usually decides what she wants to be before we go pattern looking, and you can't budge her. The other usually changes her mind lots of times. This time, they flipped until I bought the super hero pattern for the girl insisting on being a pink batgirl, and then my usually stubborn child decided SHE wanted to be the superhero panda girl. For 2 weeks any time Halloween was mentioned, a small fight broke out. Last night my husband had a talk with the pink batgirl about why she wanted to be that and what she wanted in a costume, and she decided she'd rather be a poodle. With a tutu. She helpfully drew us a picture:

Believe it or not, I can work with this.

Today the goals include running (spoiler alert--I am writing this as I just finished my run), aiming for 15K steps, planking, de-cluttering, and working on the PJ pants. Ideally I'd like to have 2 pairs ready to fit. I should at least have one, as all it needs is the elastic casing. If I have time, I need to figure out how I'm going to make the poodle "shirt." One thing I will not be doing is canning. In fact, I'm going to put the canning pot in the dishwasher--and when it is done, I am packing it away until next spring.

Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15

Yesterday I took a much needed recuperation day. I did get my 10K steps, even though I had to take two walks around my huge block to achieve it. I waited too long to do my planking and was too tired to do it. It was a big de-clutter day, as we made the first step in moving summer clothes into storage, and fall clothes up into the girls' room. My girls are at an age, where they don't grow out of things every year, and so they get attached to things. And so when they grow out of them, they still want to keep them because they have fond memories. However, they both must have been feeling somewhat practical, and let go of many summer clothes that normally would have fallen in that category. I filled a kitchen trash bag with donation clothes.

I started the blue pj pants, finally deciding to take the leap and cut them out. I don't know what it is about cutting patterns that makes me so nervous. Perhaps the fact that you can't undo cutting. I sewed the seams up on the serger, but still need to put the legs together and get the waistband ready.

Mostly though, we relaxed.

Today initially I was going to go for a run, and then realized that the forecast indicates rain today, whereas tomorrow it is supposed to be clear. As i write this, I don't see the clouds on the horizon moving in, so maybe not running today was a lazy choice rather than a good choice.

I do have errands to take care of today, and pizza sauce to make and can. I need to change the frog water too--a big task as the frog population more than doubled this winter. So the goal is to take care of that and get the blue pants ready for fitting. Stretch goal--to see if I can't get the purple pj pants cut out. And of course, plank (going to do it this morning), decluttering (I'd like to tackle last year's school art), and 10K steps (I have 2000 already!)


This may be the main view I have today.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sept 14

Wow was yesterday a very full day. After uploading the entry I checked weather, and discovered there was a 40% chance of rain! but the radar looked clear, so we bundled up for the chilly morning and got ready for a 10 am color run. The organizers insisted everyone should be there by 9am, but I think we could have been fine arriving at 9:30. Personally I hate stuff like that that leaves you standing around for an hour. But the girls and I splashed color on each other, and I danced and embarrassed them. Color runs aren't officially timed, but I timed us, and despite being unprepared we did decently, at 43, 45 and 46 minutes. I came in last because I play sweeper, and the girl I was sweeping always saves a big burst of energy for the finish. The important thing: no whining. I don't know the last time we went running without a major whine fest.


I didn't quite make it to 15k, but 14500 isn't shabby. I could have paced but was exhausted. I also cleaned off my end table in the living room and threw away a bunch of papers I was saving for whatever reason. I also planked 3 times 30 seconds.

Then this landed a block away

They gave neighborhood kids rides, up 10 feet or so. It was very fun.

And! I laid out the pattern for the first pair of pj pants.

Today, I have no desire to can the rest of the tomatoes. So I think I'll focus on the pj pants and see if I can't knock them out. And that's it because Sunday is a big cleaning, cooking, preparing kind of day. (Well the steps, decluttering, and planking is kind of the every day thing).

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sept 13

So yesterday I finished canning peaches. My grand total came to 34 pints of normal, 3 of honey spiced. I also finished canning tomatoes my totals were 18 pints of crushed tomatoes and 6 of sauce. I still have a number of tomatoes though, so I may do pizza sauce. Assuming I can figure out how to make the required tomato purée. I did take a break from the canning when I heard this go by


I did get my 10k steps, but decided to skip planking. I finished chapter 3 while I was waiting for the last batch of sauce to process, but I did not declutter. I did not start pj pants, but I did go try to remember which of the 3 patterns I have worked best.

Today's goals are kind of dependent. My daughters and I are signed up to run in a color run. We haven't really trained, but it isn't timed, so I'm not worried about shattering any records. However, none of us has any desire to run in rain, and one of my daughters has a cold. I haven't checked weather forecast this morning yet, and my daughter says she feels yucky, but she just woke up. If we do run, I'll be aiming for 15k steps today. If we don't I'm hoping to get the pjs done. Regardless, I'd like to skip dealing with tomatoes. We'll see.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Sept 12

Yesterday was one of those days in which I felt as if I was trying to wade through waist high mud, or like trying to run fast through the 4 .5 foot end of the swimming pool. I could see the goals, but time was rocketing past while I stayed still. I did do my 2 mile run, and whoo howdy am I out of shape--3 minute runs followed by two minute walks. It meant that 12K steps was well within my reach, but the meetings that bogged me down by mid-morning ensured I did not meet the 15k stretch. Also, the meetings meant that I never quite caught up on anything else. I had to re-teach yesterdays math lesson after school (which I am fully capable of usually but yesterday had to google one tiny thing I couldn't quite remember and the worksheet they brought home wasn't terribly clear) and so my after school hours were kind of shot too. I did do my 3 sets of 30 second planks and decluttered by throwing away business cards from the job that laid me off, as well as some odds and ends I found near those.

Today, I have big goals!

Today the plan includes: can everything on the counter. This means last of the peaches (the ones I bought Wednesday) and the tomatoes. After that I should be done with canning for the season. I need to finish proofreading chapter 3 of the book I'm proofreading, and I would love to be able to have some pj pants cut out. I also need to run to the grocery store and pick up my race packet because ready or not, we (both daughters and I) are running in a 5k color run tomorrow. Whew. I guess I'd better get working.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sept 11

Sometimes I write the first paragraph of these entries at night. It makes it easy to see what I actually did and provides a closure for the day. The last 2 nights however have been filled with wandering children (seriously an hour after lights out and you are wandering around down here telling me you can't sleep--I can't sleep either when I am up walking around!) which makes it hard for me to spend the two minutes writing. Anyway, yesterday I did one batch of peaches bringing my total up to 31 pints. I only de cluttered one thing--putting away the bike rack replacement screws and throwing away the envelope they were mailed in. I did get my 10K steps, and I planked 3 sets of 30 seconds. I got my work computer to work and was able to catch up a bit there. I also got all my errands run! I still need to actually fix the headlight, because the car was too wet and hot to do it yesterday.

Today, I want to run, I'm thinking intervals for 2 miles. Then I need to spend the morning at work. Hopefully, I'll have time this afternoon to get another batch of peaches done because I think Friday may be tomato day. Because I'm running, I'll set my step goal a little higher--I think 12K is realistic, but my stretch goal is 15K.

I feel a little bit like I'm still just working on the crisis areas--the peaches that will go bad--instead of the goal areas--like getting some pj pants sewn now that the temperature is dropping. Perhaps a better stretch goal would be to get a pair of pj pants cut out. We'll see how it goes.

This is a picture of last year's peaches, but really it is what my brain has looked like this week:

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September 10

So yesterday, I canned 14 pints of peaches. Bringing my total up to 28. The crazy part? I still have peaches left. The crazier part? I bought more today.

Ok, well I wanted to get to 36 pints. Last year I did 33 and that seemed to be close to about right. I don't know if I'll get to 36, but at least I didn't go overboard and get the half bushel. I amy be crazy, but I'm not THAT crazy.

I can only can 3 pints at a time, but I had to re-do one yesterday when it didn't seal--and I knew it wasn't going to fast because for some reason the liquid was visibly low. I have no idea what happened. Anyway, I filled it up and cooked it again and ping, it sealed. I also got to my 10K steps and did 2 reps of 3o0 second planks. I think I'm going to continue with the reps. And I decluttered kind of absentmindedly. I pulled out the bread machine, and realized there was a bunch of junk behind it--some giant straws, a blinky safety light that no longer blinked and threw those away. But then I forgot that I had done that and did some more purposeful decluttering of notepads.

Today, I need to get some things done at my work and so the plan is, can the peaches that are left--no more than 2 batches (so 6 pints), figure out the tomatoes and get my growing to do list done. (cleaning and errands mostly). And of course I'll do the 10K steps, planking, and decluttering.

Fear not, sewing is on the horizon, one daughter asked if I could have some new PJ pants done by her sleepover next week

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

September 9

Yesterday turned out to be a really fun day. I canned 9 pints of peaches, took a 12 mile bike ride, planked 75 seconds, and got my 10K steps. No decluttering, but I did update my decluttering blog. On the surface, it looks wonderful, but it was a day for piling on the stuff for today. And the 10K steps only came because I paced for about 15 minutes before bed.


Today, I have the rest of the peaches to deal with. A staggering amount still. I was thinking about running, but any exercise is really going to need to wait until the peaches are done. I figured yesterday that it takes an hour for one batch (3 pints) and then 1/2 hour for each subsequent batch as long as i keep working. If I take a break (say for a bike ride or lunch or whatever) it stretches the time out.

So we'll stick with todays goals being, finish the peaches, run if I have time, plank (maybe some sets of 30 seconds), get my 10k steps and get rid of two items of "clutter." I have a bunch of other stuff to take care of today --starting with cleaning up the kitchen from last night (I had a meeting), and moving to putting in some hours at my work, so we'll see.

My kitchen smells GOOD I tell you.

Monday, September 08, 2014

September 8

So yesterday I hit my 10k steps at 4:30. You'd think I'd have ended the day at 20k but evidently that wore me out because I only made it to 12. I did 5 pints of peaches, basically the ones that were showing signs of damage. The majority are not ripe enough yet (at least for me, they are a little to crunchy). I reprocessed the one that did not seal, and it sealed! I planked a 50 second and a 40 second. I did not rally declutter anything, although I did throw out some stuff. I'm not sure how to describe, but she you order pictures online, and they give you a 4x6 with tiny pictures of what you ordered--well I had kept some of those, and pitched it. We also ended up doing som major trimming on a tree that was leaning of the roof. My husband says all the branches I dragged to the curb should count. I decluttered the driveway!

Today, more peaches and... exercise! I am a runner, but have not really run much this summer. Was planning a 2 mile interval thing, but got email asking if I'd bike ride again. Exercise is always more pleasant with company. Honestly, today is just about getting as many peaches canned as I can--at least assuming that enough are ripe. The ones I ate for breakfast were good, so probably today is going to be a big day. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have pictures of cans!

What are you up to today?

Sunday, September 07, 2014

September 7

Yesterday I went through the entire bushel of peaches, picked out the ones with bad spots (i.e. likely to rot before they ripen fully) and canned those as 3 pints of honey spiced peaches. One pint has not sealed. Took the girls running and so have well over my 10k steps. Finally took some things from the garage to the curb in anticipation of large trash pick up. Oh I almost forgot, before I had room to lay out the peaches, I had to take care of the tomatoes clogging the counter. I canned 3 more pints of crushed and one more pint of sauce.

Sometimes I feel bad when there is only one goal listed here, but what I keep trying to remember is that all these goals, are really on top of all the normal work I do. It isn't like I sit here all day twiddling my thumbs and then am all sad about not getting stuff done, I mean today I'll be doing my regular Sunday laundry, which is 8 loads, washed, dried, folded and handed over to be put away, plus regular tidying and stuff. That said, today's goal is go through the peaches again, and can any that are ripe enough. (Plus planking, steps and decluttering). Plus reprocess the can that didn't seal yesterday.

So here are two pictures of peaches First the bushel laid out on the counter:

And Devil Peach:
devil peach

Saturday, September 06, 2014

September 6

Yesterday the weather cooperated, and I went on a lovely bike ride with a friend. I'm afraid I slowed her down, but it was fun, and I hope to incorporate more of that into my fitness routine (assuming I get my fitness routine back). I also planked (60 seconds--I usually go until I feel like I'm losing my form). I hit 10k steps (barely). I got a little cleaning done (pretty much the bare minimum) and most importantly I finished proof reading chapter 2! I also managed to get rid of two separate types of vacuum cleaner bags. Ones we have no vacuum to match.

I didn't get the blog post written.

Today kids are home, and my peaches are in. My realistic goal is to sort through peaches and can whatever is ready. My unrealistic goal is to also get in a run with the girls, as we are doing a 5k next Saturday (and we are not ready). This is also a plank rest day.

Friday, September 05, 2014

September 5

So yesterday, I made it through my meeting. I probably talked a little too much, but overall I think it was the kind of rich discussion that it needed to be. I didn't get my pattern out, and I felt rushed all day long.

I did plank, for 90 seconds! And looked at my fitbit about 7:30 to see where I was and was surprised to discover I had hit 10k steps. I did a last minute decluttering, working again on my stationary and recycled a bunch of envelopes (that had no cards).

Today I'm planning some exercise if the weather cooperates. I'm also planning to do a big cleaning push and finish proofreading chapter 2 of my husband's book. I was hoping to dig out that pattern today as well. And update my decluttering blog.

All in all it is very typical of me, to plot and plan for more hours that I actually have. And one thing I am trying to work for (although failing maybe) is this thing where I plan so much and fill the time, plus some and then feel frazzled when everything doesn't get done.

How about you, are you good at pacing yourself, or do you regularly bite off more than you can chew?

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Sept 4

Yesterday I canned 9 pints of crushed tomatoes, and 2 pints of sauce. I still have some tomatoes left, but not enough to do the 3 pints my canner will hold. Maybe if we get more at tonight's veggie pickup, I'll do more. I certainly want to do more. I'd like to have a dozen pints of crushed and at least 6 pints of sauce, but we will see.

I planked for 75 seconds-was going for 90. And got my 10k steps! I started going through my stationary again and tossed a set of postcards I've had...well far too long.

Today, I have meetings and some work stuff that is going to keep me from making any progress towards my bigger goals. Maybe if I have a minute I'll hunt for the pj pant pattern I want to use.

It is always hard for me when I can't see progress happening on the big goals, but I keep reminding myself that little steps are like putting together your mise en place in cooking. They make the bigger task easier.

How are you doing on your goals today?

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Sept 3

So yesterday, I set the goal of acquiring tomatoes. Plus my daily planking, steps, and decluttering.

I did go and pick tomatoes, but I didn't get as many as I wanted because of late tomato blight. It was incredible to see tomatoes that looked ripe, then pick them and have your thumb go straight through them. I was out about an hour, and came home with half a bushel maybe. And many of those I'll have to cut half off the tomato away. I had company though
He kept the bugs off me.

I also planked (75 seconds), and had my 10k steps by 7pm. For my decluttering, I cleaned out the pool bag.

Today, my goals are to can as many of those ugly tomatoes as possible, and hit farmers market. I've been knitting on the sleeve of the sweater I mean to finish every night, perhaps tomorrow I'll have a minute to talk more about that.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Sept 2

Today, I dropped the kids off for their first day of school, and so the month begins!

First up, tomatoes. Today my main goal is to pick enough tomatoes at our farm share farm, to can some sauce, some crushed tomatoes, and maybe if they have plums (doubtful) some pizza sauce. I may have to buy plums though.

I have been excessively worried about this because of late blight, which is killing tomatoes all over the Midwest. I even had bad dreams about this.

I'd also like to get all these bad boys washed today so I can start tomorrow, but I have other things to do too.

What are you planning to tackle towards your long term goals today?

Monday, September 01, 2014

September project

For all of August I've been participating in a challenge of sorts. I think it started as a plank challenge, but morphed into a challenge yourself every day to something. Sort of a set your own goals. I must admit, I grudgingly decided to do it. August is full of kids and kid stuff and all the things to get back to school (doctors, dentists, haircuts, shopping, back to school nights). But I really enjoyed it. Every morning I sat quietly for a second, focused on the day and what I really wanted to get done. And at the end of the day, I thought about what I had accomplished. Some days, at the end, I felt like nothing had gotten done, but as I thought about it, I realized I had gotten so much done.

This happened on Facebook, and while I liked the public accountability of it, I can't do this on my own Facebook page. I'm not sure why, but I feel more comfortable trying it here.

So here is the plan: every morning starting tomorrow (The first day of school!)I'll post here my goals for the day, and a small wrap up of the previous day. You can leave a comment with your own goals/accomplishments.

Goals for September.
Sew at least 3 pairs of pj pants for each girl
Halloween costumes
Can peaches
Can tomatoes
Finish sweater
Start new sweater
Socks for girls?
Update the decluttering blog at least once a week.

Each of these is several steps, or a mess to unpack. The Halloween costumes for instance. They don't have to be done by September 30, because you know Halloween is a month from that. Also I have exactly one pattern and a rathe vague idea of what each girl really wants to be. But I also know that the more I can get done in September, the easier sewing will be. I know I want to finish the sweater I started this summer (concentration issue) and begin a small sweater for summer (because you know September is a great time to knit something for summer)

And then there are the daily goals
Keep planking 5-6 days a week
Get 10k steps every day
Clear out 2 items of "clutter" every day

I hope this turns into a fun thing, and I hope you can join along.