Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29

Yesterday, I didn't really have great big goals, but I did manage to meet most of them. I got my 10k steps (big walk around the big block!), decluttered (old therapy putty-- should have done a second item though ), planked (4 sets of 30 seconds)and managed to get the clothes shopping and the library trip.

I also promised I'd tell the story of the yarn. Saturday my LYS was having a sale, and I went because I have a gift card, and a friend working there. I thought I'd pick up some sock yarn, which is almost always my default. But I wasn't really seeing anything I had to have. But I did run into some friends and got to chatting. They were all really into making this cowl called the bloom striped cowl out of misti alpaca baby me boo and a complimentary colored solid yarn. And they had set out several ideas for the solid. The store sample was gorgeous, with purples. But I resisted for a while because I'm not a big cowl person. I'm not sure why, but I just don't wear them. Then I spotted some silky wool that I just knew would go with it. Which is how I ended up spending Saturday digging through my yarn and pulling out another silky wool (in purple) and a Noro silk garden. Probably by the time I make the cowl, I'll have decided of some orange yarn I don't even own yet. Or maybe blue.


Today though, already has goals, so no starting new knitting for me today. Today I'm running and then I have another meeting. I'm hoping that in the afternoon I'll get *my* pj pants sewn and the rest of chapter 5 proofread. Of course I'll still do steps (aiming for 12k with the run + meeting), planks and decluttering.

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Cinnamonamon said...

You ARE a purple girl, aren't you?! Love it -- that dark purple (silky wool?) would match as well, you're right. Happy knitting/experimenting (tomorrow, lol)! :)