Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sept 14

Wow was yesterday a very full day. After uploading the entry I checked weather, and discovered there was a 40% chance of rain! but the radar looked clear, so we bundled up for the chilly morning and got ready for a 10 am color run. The organizers insisted everyone should be there by 9am, but I think we could have been fine arriving at 9:30. Personally I hate stuff like that that leaves you standing around for an hour. But the girls and I splashed color on each other, and I danced and embarrassed them. Color runs aren't officially timed, but I timed us, and despite being unprepared we did decently, at 43, 45 and 46 minutes. I came in last because I play sweeper, and the girl I was sweeping always saves a big burst of energy for the finish. The important thing: no whining. I don't know the last time we went running without a major whine fest.


I didn't quite make it to 15k, but 14500 isn't shabby. I could have paced but was exhausted. I also cleaned off my end table in the living room and threw away a bunch of papers I was saving for whatever reason. I also planked 3 times 30 seconds.

Then this landed a block away

They gave neighborhood kids rides, up 10 feet or so. It was very fun.

And! I laid out the pattern for the first pair of pj pants.

Today, I have no desire to can the rest of the tomatoes. So I think I'll focus on the pj pants and see if I can't knock them out. And that's it because Sunday is a big cleaning, cooking, preparing kind of day. (Well the steps, decluttering, and planking is kind of the every day thing).

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