Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15

Yesterday I took a much needed recuperation day. I did get my 10K steps, even though I had to take two walks around my huge block to achieve it. I waited too long to do my planking and was too tired to do it. It was a big de-clutter day, as we made the first step in moving summer clothes into storage, and fall clothes up into the girls' room. My girls are at an age, where they don't grow out of things every year, and so they get attached to things. And so when they grow out of them, they still want to keep them because they have fond memories. However, they both must have been feeling somewhat practical, and let go of many summer clothes that normally would have fallen in that category. I filled a kitchen trash bag with donation clothes.

I started the blue pj pants, finally deciding to take the leap and cut them out. I don't know what it is about cutting patterns that makes me so nervous. Perhaps the fact that you can't undo cutting. I sewed the seams up on the serger, but still need to put the legs together and get the waistband ready.

Mostly though, we relaxed.

Today initially I was going to go for a run, and then realized that the forecast indicates rain today, whereas tomorrow it is supposed to be clear. As i write this, I don't see the clouds on the horizon moving in, so maybe not running today was a lazy choice rather than a good choice.

I do have errands to take care of today, and pizza sauce to make and can. I need to change the frog water too--a big task as the frog population more than doubled this winter. So the goal is to take care of that and get the blue pants ready for fitting. Stretch goal--to see if I can't get the purple pj pants cut out. And of course, plank (going to do it this morning), decluttering (I'd like to tackle last year's school art), and 10K steps (I have 2000 already!)


This may be the main view I have today.

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Holly said...

Good job on all your steps! You accomplish a lot lady!