Wednesday, October 01, 2014

October 1

Yesterday I wrapped up September by not really doing too much planning towards October, but by planking (3 sets 30 seconds), getting my 10k steps, and getting rid of two things. I do have goals for October though. So without further ado:

Finish Halloween costumes.
Ok, this could actually say start halloween costumes. I do have the ideas: panda girl and poodle girl. I don't have fabric, or a real idea of what I'm going to pattern poodle girl on. I was thinking her monster costume from last year, but it doesn't have sleeves and she wants sleeves. I may look and see if there is something I can adapt.

Steps, planking, and delcuttering.

Get on a regular schedule.
I have been slowly working towards this and I feel like I am almost there.

knit something
I started a sock last night, hopefully I'll finish that pair and start the next before the end of the month.

I have so much more I want to accomplish, but I feel like to keep the goals reasonable, that's where they should stay. Of course, I want to finish the PJ pants--which would mean a pair for me and two more pairs for each girl, but they (and really everything) take a backseat to the costumes.

My mom is coming at the end of the month too, and I am hoping to have the guest room cleared out enough for guests (it is almost there thanks to the de-cluttering in September).

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 30

So here we are the last day of September. How did I do? Here are the goals:

Sew at least 3 pairs of pj pants for each girl
I did this! Well the third pair is awaiting elastic and a hem. This is not my fault, as the girl who wanted those pants has not tried on elastic.

Halloween costumes
The only progress I have made on this front is that I now know what everyone is going to be. Which is better than how I started September. Yesterday, I was going to make a shopping list , but could not find panda girl's rendition of how she wanted her costume to look. Found it as homework was kicking into high gear. Hopefully that will get done and I can actually shop for materials.

Can peaches
Did this! I have something like 34 cans of peaches.

Can tomatoes
Yep, even though I had to buy about half of my tomatoes. I have 18 or so cans. Plus pizza sauce. Ate some sauce made from the tomatoes last night too. YUM!

Finish sweater
I finished it yesterday! I'll do detail and pictures another day.

Start new sweater
Nope. And furthermore, I think I am going to put this sweater off until closer to spring. I guess that means I’m in need of a new project.

Socks for girls?

Update the decluttering blog at least once a week.
Close enough. I think I did 3 times this month.

I also had set some basic goals. Did get my 10k steps every day. I didn't always get rid of two things every day and I didn't always plank, but most days I did.

So, for today I’ll do my steps, planking, and decluttering. I volunteered this morning at the school library (which is why I’m late and I smell of goo gone--aren’t you glad you can’t smell me?). I’m going off to work in a little bit and then this afternoon I’ll be in project planning mode. Making my shopping list for Halloween, trying to decide what to knit next, thinking of October’s goals are all on the list. I wanted to start proofreading chapter 6 (I finished Chapter 5 yesterday!), but I think the planning might help more in the long run.

Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29

Yesterday, I didn't really have great big goals, but I did manage to meet most of them. I got my 10k steps (big walk around the big block!), decluttered (old therapy putty-- should have done a second item though ), planked (4 sets of 30 seconds)and managed to get the clothes shopping and the library trip.

I also promised I'd tell the story of the yarn. Saturday my LYS was having a sale, and I went because I have a gift card, and a friend working there. I thought I'd pick up some sock yarn, which is almost always my default. But I wasn't really seeing anything I had to have. But I did run into some friends and got to chatting. They were all really into making this cowl called the bloom striped cowl out of misti alpaca baby me boo and a complimentary colored solid yarn. And they had set out several ideas for the solid. The store sample was gorgeous, with purples. But I resisted for a while because I'm not a big cowl person. I'm not sure why, but I just don't wear them. Then I spotted some silky wool that I just knew would go with it. Which is how I ended up spending Saturday digging through my yarn and pulling out another silky wool (in purple) and a Noro silk garden. Probably by the time I make the cowl, I'll have decided of some orange yarn I don't even own yet. Or maybe blue.


Today though, already has goals, so no starting new knitting for me today. Today I'm running and then I have another meeting. I'm hoping that in the afternoon I'll get *my* pj pants sewn and the rest of chapter 5 proofread. Of course I'll still do steps (aiming for 12k with the run + meeting), planks and decluttering.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

September 28

Yesterday was kind of a lazy day. By 10:30am when I got dressed, I only had 188 steps. But I did get moving and ended up with just barely 10k steps. I made a real effort to plank during the day instead of waiting until just before bed and thinking "crap I have to plank!" And so did my 3 sets of 30 seconds by 8pm. I also got rid of two shirts, a book with no spine, and mismatched socks that I would have pitched even if they had mates. I read and relaxed and went yarn shopping at my LYSs fall sale. I bought some stuff too, and took some pictures, but that will have to wait. I bought purples, and so took pictures with my better camera so I could get a better rendering of the purple. But Friday I had dragged around my point and shoot, and so yesterday I downloaded the pictures I took Friday. Follow that?

So this is how every morning was last week with a light fog as the sun rose.


Then I thought you might like to see the pink kitties


Today, it is kind of the same as yesterday, steps, decluttering, plank. I need to get the laundry done and get girls through homework. On Sundays they like to go to the library, and if need to take them shopping (for jeans, I'm going to need some heavy knitting time after that)


Saturday, September 27, 2014

September 27

Yesterday, I got my 10k steps (I made girls walk to 7-11 for slurpees-- the horror!), I decluttered by reading some newspapers that I had stacked up and then recycling them. Yes, they were not clutter that had been around for years, but weeks, so I feel like this counts. I didn't want to plank, so I told myself I only needed to do two sets of 30 seconds. I also managed to finish the pink pj pants I started yesterday. The panda ones are awaiting elastic and hemming. Both require cooperation.

I did read chapter 5, getting to page 15 I think. And I worked, discovering at the end, that my work computer has been infected with malware. (Sigh). I had suspected something was up when Adobe reader mysteriously disappeared a month or so ago. I have addressed the problem, and hopefully resolved it.

Today, beyond the planking, steps, and decluttering I am just going to take it easy. I'll try to finish the panda pjs, and I have a pair I want to make for me, so maybe those will be the next pair I sew. Both girls have wondered aloud about their Halloween costumes recently too. I have not started on those, and maybe today is the day to read my pattern, and make a shopping list.

In reality, all is really want to do today is read. Read my fun book, my book club book, and chapter 5.

Friday, September 26, 2014

September 26

Yesterday! Well yesterday was a lovely day until 3pm. I did my fasting blood work (attempted to proof chapter 5 in the waiting room--turns out I can no longer tune out a television while I read. Must be for lack of practice) and was in and out in less than an hour. I had a mediocre phlebotomist and will have a big ole bruise. But then I got to meet my lovely biker chick friend for a long leisurely breakfast (is it brunch if you stay until the lunch crowd starts coming in?). Much better company than chapter 5 I tell you. Then I went home and cut out and sewed up a pair of pj pants!


I was afraid at first because this print has a definite direction to it. The pandas are all standing up in rows like a panda army (well a panda army with pink hearts). But it turns out--as you can see, I usually lay my pants pattern out in one direction. It just took thinking about getting them going the right direction. These pants are ready for elastic and hemming. That took 20 minutes--maybe half hour including cutting.

So then I went for a run and took a shower. The run was ok. I'm trying to get back into shape so my intervals feel pathetic to me.

After my shower, I had 20 minutes before school pickup so I laid out and cut the next pair of PJ pants (pink cats with glasses). I didn't photograph that. I didn't have time to sew them up, but thought--Oh well I'm sure I'll be able to find 20 minutes sometime this afternoon. Oh famous last words.

The girls were chatty after school, and let me tell you--when your tween girl wants to tell you things, you stop and you listen. So I listened. And I made smoothies for snacks (and one for me since I skipped lunch due to the huge breakfast). Because we usually need some decompression time, I let the girls watch a 23 min on demand disney channel episode every day before homework. I can see you saying--well there is your 20 minute sewing time right there. Um no. I needed to pick up hamburger for dinner--but couldn't do that until I determined who wanted burgers and who wanted hotdogs (which is why I didn't do it earlier). When I got home, tv was done and homework time began. Usually homework is not terrible. This year we are really struggling with math. I won't go into too many details except to say that 1) I hate the textbook (which promises to be online but will not print--like a single page when someone forgets their book. And will not open on the ipad--after we downloaded the app, logged in and discovered that ONE book is not an "ebook." Thanks!) and 2) the girls are adjusting to this teacher's style of teaching.

An HOUR later dinner was cooking, girls had finished homework--I started to check it, but gave up to get dinner on the table. After dinner it was one big long cleanup followed by the last CSA pickup, followed by the grumpiest bedtime I've seen in ages. At one point the pink cat jammie kid says--OH do I have any new jammies? I answer that I cut them out but hadn't had a chance to sew them. GO do it NOW! she says. Um yeah no.

I guess I just needed to vent there huh?

Anyway, I did get 14K steps, I found two pieces of school art that missed the purge and sent them to grandma's house, and planked 2 sets of 30 seconds, and did 2 sets each side of side planks for 15 seconds. I need to work on my form for the side planks. I only got to page 5 instead of the 27 I was aiming for in chapter 5.

Today, well I need to get the pink cat jammies sewn up. I need to get some de-cluttering, and my steps and my planks done. I need to get some housework and some work work done. I'd like to update the de-cluttering blog. And I'd like to get to page 30 on chapter 5.

I have also been giving some though to this project I started in September--this blogging thing. Do I want to continue it for October? Would you read it? Do you find it boring, as I'm not really showing off my knitting--although I am knitting nearly every night after girls go to bed. I've been thinking about maybe a weekday update as I find weekends a little hectic and lazy at the same time. Drop me a comment--even if you think I should just go back to sporadic updates with pure crafting content. (Just don't be mean)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

September 25

Yesterday I got 13k steps, and did all my errands. I also decluttered, getting rid of a few things that were sitting on the guest bed (which by the way I keep decluttering and people keep piling crap on it). I opted to take a plank rest day. I even managed to get a little work done at work. I'm still behind, but catching up.

Today, I have a fasting blood test and afterwards I have promised myself breakfast out (with chapter 5 for company?). After that? Well planking, steps and decluttering of course. I'd like to get some exercise today, either running or biking. Also, I need to get to page 27 on the draft of chapter 5 and I need to sew some pj pants. I'm hungry and need to take the ladies to school, so no time for the pictures I took yesterday. Let's just say it is beginning to look a lot like fall.