Friday, October 24, 2014

October 24

So yesterday I had a really relaxing slow paced day with my mom. Seriously, I should do this more often. I crossed three things off my weekly to do list even. I planked, I got 13k steps, I got rid of two dental floss samples (my mom is on a quest to find her favorite floss that has been discontinued--yes, it does actually run in the family, this weirdness) and I started sewing the poodle girl outfit! Best of all I got all of chapter 7 proofread!

We really didn't get the shopping in, because we were kind of lazy all morning. But there are only so many hours in the day.

Today, I want to do the big three, and work more on the costumes. Which is kind of what I say every day anymore. I feel like it is all I ever hope for. I do have a doctor's appointment today too, and I'd like to run and shower before that, which might be tricky with guests because I always shower in the "guest" bathroom. However, it is 8am--the sky is turning pink, and so far I'm the only one awake in the house, as all the family have gone to jobs and school; my parents are still sleeping. I was going to wait until 8:30, give the sun a chance to come up, but maybe I'll go as soon as I post this--be back by the time anyone wakes up.

Yesterday I tried to capture the pinks of the sky as the sun rose, because it was quite lovely. This was the best I got:

The weekend is more of the same, plus a concert on Saturday!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

October 23

So yesterday, I did not run. In fact I went to yoga, which is not an activity that adds steps to the fitbit. And somehow I managed to clock in at 15K steps. That should explain just how busy the day was. I also decluttered a bunch, by taking $8.30 in cans and bottles back. That includes the 3 bottles that I had to take back to the specialty store since Meijer doesn't carry that brand (whatEVER). I think I got most of my stuff for the day done. I planked for 3 sets of 30 seconds (even though it was yoga day) and my mom told me I'm not planking, I'm bridging. WhatEVER.

I even decided that I didn't like the way the zipper was basted into panda girl's costume, ripped it out and basted and SEWED it in. Despite no less than 4 interruptions to my 1/2 hour sewing.

Super unhelpful Bernina zipper instructions

Sometimes when I think about yesterday and all the running around I did, but with not much to show for it, I wonder if I really got anything done. I need some way to quantify the intangibles I suppose.

Today, my parents are here, so I'm dialing back a notch. I'm hoping to do my big three of course--including a walk with my mom. I'm hoping to get some sewing done, and for the next however many days I need to spend at least 1/2 hour a day on my husband's book. I'm on chapter 7 of 8 chapters, and I want to get it finished soon.

Shopping is also on tap sometime this visit. All the decluttering has left me realizing that I have some significant gaps in my wardrobe. It was hard to see around the clothes I didn't want to wear. Now most of what I have left are clothes I like, but they are mostly black, white and brown. I want some purple and maybe some gray (round out the neutrals!).

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October 22

I was just not 30 minutes ago praising my own time management skills, and then got sucked into facebook. Sigh.

Ok, yesterday. yesterday was the usual whirlwind of activity. 11K steps, 3 sets of 30 planks, just some general paper clutter (and a chapstick) gone. I volunteered, i went to work where I discovered a whole bunch of work leftover from the fundraiser. Plus a bunch of volunteers needing to de-compress. Would you believe our deposits were off for the weekend (They were more than we had written down--so that was good but STILL)? Then I came home and made cupcakes. Did I mention the cupcakes yesterday? Maybe. Anyway, I bought a cake mix and a frosting and while the girls did homework, I baked cupcakes. I was feeling very domestic until one of the girls asked me if I'd frost them using the pastry bag "so they'd look nice." Um yeah no.
DSCN3760 I don't think they look bad? They're cupcakes for crying out loud!

Hey I also got the zipper basted into super girl costume. And the alterations done. And I think my guest area is ready for guests.

Today, big three PLUS: Guests arriving.
Seriously: yoga, farmer's market, small grocery run, clean bathroom upstairs, more sewing. I'm hoping to finish the zipper, because BAH. I also have to run the cupcakes over to school and I should do some work, so I don't have to go in tomorrow. I'm not sure how all of this is going to get done, so I'll have to prioritize.

I said to my husband that I felt like my load did not lift once my fundraiser was over like I thought it would. And he said--it has, you just have gotten a lot of crap thrown at you that added to it. I looked confused and said like what? "Cupcakes" was all he said.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October 21

So yesterday I ran. My iPod gave out (batteries) and I still ran. It was ugly. But it meant I got my 15k steps.
I ran my errands too. Even though Joann's was FULL of people. Even though I had to wait in line for 45 minutes to buy 3/4 yard of interfacing.

I really put off laying out the poodle costume because of the fabric. I said last year that I would never work with that silky fur stuff again. I lied, I guess. I knew it would be messy, and so somehow I managed to de-mildew the shower AND vacuum all of the downstairs before I cut the pieces out. That turned out to be an epic mistake, because I had to vacuum again afterwards. But on the bright side, it is all cut out.

I planked 3 sets of 30 seconds. It was hard, which reminds me that I need to keep doing it.
You will note that I did not mention decluttering. I didn't do any.

Today, I need to volunteer and work both. The bathrooms need to get cleaned and the final stuff for the parental visit needs to happen. I think I’m down to washing the extra blankets.

Today, I also need to get in the big three, but probably the work will take care of steps. Somehow, I need to come up with a snack for my daughter’s book club too. She wants to bring cupcakes, but I guess that depends on if I have a cake mix, and frosting. I mean I could MAKE frosting, but it would need to be dairy free—and I usually make buttercream. And for sewing I need to decide: Alterations or start sewing the poodle. I may do the alterations, so that when I start sewing the shedding silky fur, I can clean the machine ONCE.

Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20

Oh how much this weekend, I wanted to be in Illinois. My mom was in a play, my cousin had a wedding reception (they had eloped), and it was homecoming at the college I graduated from. Sadly, I was not in Illinois, I was here feeling spectacularly run down and slightly crappy.

Friday was just so busy. I managed 15K steps--I hadn't wanted to run but Oh was it ever a good run. And the rest of the day went super smoothly (probably because as it turned out--I forgot a bunch of stuff) and even the evening went fairly well. Only two people were upset with me at my job, which when you work with the public is actually pretty amazing.

I got the super panda costume all done and ready to fit--it still needed a zipper and to be taken in, two things I hoped to do over the weekend. However, my model would NOT try it on until Sunday night. So while I know how much it needs to be taken in, I have not actually done the alterations. I read over the poodle girl's pattern and figured out I need fusible interfacing, but really no sewing.

There was no decluttering or planks Friday. There was decluttering Saturday, when I secretly added 4 shirts to the donation bin from my girl's "outgrown but OH I LOVE this shirt" pile. There were no planks Saturday, and getting my 10k steps was a big chore (but I did it!). I also battled a massive headache most of the day--which means I sat and read a LOT.

Sunday, I felt better and planked 2 sets of 30 seconds, got my 10K steps AND cleaned out the pencil drawer (which was so full it was barely opening, and was responsible for the pens I kept finding under the bread machine in the cupboard below). In addition, I was dusting the guest room and found several other things I decided I no longer needed. Like I said though, so sewing. Also I took the girls shopping, which I think should get me a medal. It is always tricky when I take them shopping together. I have one who is quite daring in her fashion choices, and one that is more practical. The practical one needed pants--which she wanted to interpret as leggings, and needed a top to cover her bum. The fashionista was VERY put out that I wasn't going to buy her an outfit too (she HAS leggings, tunics, regular pants you name it!). She went so far as to try on silver leggings (tin man) and gold leggings (C3PO) and nearly had a fit when I told her no. Like I said--medal needed.

Today, I am still feeling pretty rundown. Mostly tired. The headache from Saturday had pretty much dissipated by Sunday but maybe I overdid it. I do have things I need to take care of today. My parents are coming to visit this week (hence the guest room decluttering) and I have a bunch of stuff I'd like to take care of before they arrive. I have a huge list of errands (including that fusible interfacing) and I'd like to get all my job work taken care of before they come.

I think today will need to be running, running errands, and cutting out the poodle girl's costume (plus of course, my big three). It means I'll have to be putting in a zipper probably while my girls are practicing their instruments, but they've been playing for a year, so it isn't as bad as it might be. Plus no squeaky instruments. I do hope to go completely through the clothing storage box before the girls get home from school, and do more clandestine decluttering, but that is more of a stretch goal.

Friday, October 17, 2014

October 17

I am feeling very much like I am treading water. Or more accurately, like I have been treading water for 3 or 4 minutes and am about to go under. Yesterday I sewed for nearly 2 hours and I feel like I barely have anything to show for it. I cut the tulle, I sewed it all together (9 pieces, sewed in sets of three--actually doublestitched), made three layers of tulle, put in two gathering stitches and gathered it and started to pin it to the underskirt. If I were optimistic, I would see the end in sight. The end where I sew it to the underskirt, sew the bodice to the skit, fit it, add a zipper, and then BE DONE. And then start costume number 2.


That's an awful lot of skirt and tulle!

I got my 10k steps yesterday without trying, and my planks went pretty easy. I had trouble with de-cluttering, but got rid of a bath puff right before bed. so that all should have felt good. Also I managed to get the living room vacuumed, and the frog water changed and dishes done which all contribute to a general feeling of cleanliness. But it was tempered by this feeling of impending doom at work. I am glad that not every event feels like this, and that I know that it is a combo of my under-preparedness and some staffing issues that have come up (if you can call volunteers "staff") at the last minute. Today should be the end, I just need to get through the day.

On that note, getting through the day looks like: running this morning (minutecast and radar say 120 dry minutes--sigh I was kind of looking for an excuse to skip.), sewing before I need to head off to errands (bank, post office) and then the craziness that is work. I also work during my usual "chill out" time tonight as our fundraiser starts. After that, the weekend looks clear. So there should be a LOT of sewing, as I'd like to finish super panda's costume, so I can start cutting on the poodle's jacket on Monday.

I'm going to cut myself some slack on de-cluttering and planking today. Steps should not be an issue at all today.

And on the brightest note yet, I did unravel the leg and heel of the sock, looked at the foot and thought--why does this not fit her? So I stopped unravelling and this morning, I tried it on her. The foot part fits perfectly. It just needs a bigger ankle. So, I think the plan is to do a wider heel--add some stitches to the ankle/leg and go from there. So only the weekend's knitting (a long traveling weekend, but STILL) is lost.

Man, I really don't want to run, but running always clears my head, and makes it easier for me to focus.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

October 16

The good: I managed to get my 10K steps, get everyone vaccinated against the flu, sew the skirt lining to the skirt, went to yoga, and got a bunch of work done.

The bad: I only really decluttered by eating leftovers, and tossing what I might actually term "pre-clutter"; papers and such that had been sitting around for a while, but most people would have termed this "cleaning." I am having panic at work because one of my co-chair people for this event is out with a medical issue, and the others are more "big picture" people, and so I'm having to remember and fill in details that I usually don't have to deal with. Thus, people keep calling and texting me about napkins and markers. It makes me feel underprepared, usually I like to be the one calm in the storm.

The ugly: I'm going to have to rip most of the finished sock out, as it is too small, despite having been tried on and having fit at one point.

Just ponder that for a minute--I'm going to have to rip out about 2 weeks worth of knitting.

Moving on.

Today I have more work (and boy will I be glad when this week is over and my part in this fundraiser is OVER), and a noon meeting. I actually have to pack a lunch! I'm going to get the big three done (even if we are talking more paper here--paper piles up!), and as soon as I post this I'm going to go cut out black tulle until work time. I'd also like to get my house swept and vacuumed, but that might be the dreamer in me.

I'm posting this picture taken on our weekend trip, because I just need some peaceful lake today. Breathe in, breathe out....