Sunday, September 21, 2014

September 21

Yesterday, I took a truckload of stuff to be donated, and added a lamp to it. I'm counting that as two, just by virtue that it is all out of the house. I also got my 10k steps, coming in from a walk just 10 minutes before a huge rainstorm moved in. I got my planking done 3 sets of 30 seconds. I also bought more flannel and elastic. But really, no other forward progress.

Today, I'm going to do all the usual stuff (declutter, steps, plank) and try really hard to make some forward progress on the next round of pj pants. Stretch goal is to make some progress on proof reading chapter 4. The sleepover did happen though, so perhaps a nap should be on the agenda.

September 21

Yesterday, I took a trunk load of stuff to be donated, and added a lamp to it. I'm counting that as two, just by virtue that it is all out of the house. I also got my 10k steps, coming in from a walk just 10 minutes before a huge rainstorm moved in. I got my planking done 3 sets of 30 seconds. I also bought more flannel and elastic. But really, no other forward progress.

Today, I'm going to do all the usual stuff (declutter, steps, plank) and try really hard to make some forward progress on the next round of pj pants. Stretch goal is to make some progress on proof reading chapter 4. The sleepover did happen though, so perhaps a nap should be on the agenda.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

September 20

Yesterday, I did get my 10k steps, in part because I had to make an extra trip to school (I walk. It is 1500 steps round trip) to get homework. I know I said I wasn't doing any more canning, but I did do some preserving. I ended up with 4 quarts of green beans and no real way to use the in a timely manner, so I froze two quarts of them. I don't generally do beans, because it haven't had great luck with them in the past. We will see.

I did my three sets of 30 second planks. And got rid of a whole pile of papers and crap the girls had shoved in with their stickers. I also managed to finish the first set of the pj pants (and both girls are wearing them to bed) AND cut out the first of the next set.

I feel like this was a lot for having had a sick kid at home. Then I remember I didn't get as much of my paying work done today as I really needed to. I did as much as I could without going into my office.

Today.... well, I'm not sure. The planks, the steps, the decluttering of course but beyond those, the only thing I must get done is a trip to Joann's for more flannel (for me, because it is on super sale) and elastic. The sleepover may happen tonight or it may not. Perhaps I'll load the car up with my donation boxes and bags and get everything out if my house.

My stay at home daughter loved the way the beans looked in their sink of ice water, and so she took a very artistic picture:

Friday, September 19, 2014

September 19

Yesterday, I sat in meetings for 4.5 hours. Seriously. I did manage to get my 10K steps because I took a HUGE walk. I managed to get both bathrooms cleaned in anticipation of a sleepover (that we’ve now had to postpone—more on that later). I also talked both girls into doing a fitting on their PJ pants, which was harder than it should have been. Despite being sore from yoga, I did three 30 second planks.
However, I got rid of nothing. (unless you count the gross stuff in bathroom cleaning- which I do not)

Today I have a kid home sick. I don’t keep kids home lightly, and I should have kept her sister home a day last week. I think, given the fun stuff at school today (They were going to EAT mealworms) and the sleepover which I said I’d postpone if she stayed home, she probably really feels crappy. Probably I am the parent everyone hates, sending kids in when they are sneezing or coughing but the reality is that if I kept a kid home every single time they were runny nose, cough, sneezing—they’d stay home most of the winter.

Anyway, today I’ll declutter and plank, and get my 10K steps. I’ll finish the pj pants, and maybe start some new ones. I need to go to work. Most of what I need to do I can do from home, but I guess I’ll need to arrange someone to stay with my poor sick kid for what I need to go in for. I’d like to update the decluttering blog.

I had her take some pictures of my dahlia cardigan. I finished this back in March—and I posted pictures but they all had strings that I hadn’t weaved in. So I was thinking I should take some new pictures not that it is totally finished and my ends are weaved in and the provisional cast on is off. The upside to having a tween stay home, is that you can usually bribe her to take your picture. And she may make you laugh even. DSCN3636

Thursday, September 18, 2014

September 18

So yesterday. What to say about yesterday? Let's just say anytime I say I need to run errands, I should probably admit that I will get nothing else done. They are remodeling our Meijer (and their new sign for the kids section says "Kid's" which is just going to drive me batty every time I am there) and so nothing is where it used to be. What that means is that you really can't plan your route if you have only like 12 things to get (and that's usually how my mid-week trip goes). The good part is that you rack up the steps, so even though my afternoon errand running sucked up the better part of the afternoon, I easily got 13K steps.

I really didn't make progress anywhere else. I went to yoga (and predictably I am SORE), and farmer's market. I got the elastic casings on the pj pants sewn down and both girls measured for elastic.

Probably my best area was in de-cluttering, because I cleaned our tv/sleepover room in preparation for Friday's sleepover, and got rid of so much stuff: 3 computer games, 2 white boards, some cords to old electronics, and some yarn scraps and swatches. And yes, I just admitted to throwing away old swatches and tiny balls of leftover yarn. Yarn, for me, is a hard thing to de-clutter, but I was sick of having these tiny balls of yarn around (and I do mean tiny--think smaller than golf balls. Think shooting marble sized)

Today, I have the errands sitting equivalent: meetings. Ever since I was downsized from my part-time library job, I have been doing a lot of volunteering (In addition to a very small part-time job). I'm at the point in my volunteer career where I do a lot of organizing with other people, which means--meetings. Today I have two. For two different things. I like the volunteering, but I am not crazy about the meetings. Maybe if we walked while we talked....

I am hoping that I still have time to do some more cleaning. I can't really do much on the PJ pants as they need fittings for length. I forgot to get elastic yesterday, so I'm now officially out. Just another reason why I don't want to cut out the other 4 pairs I need to make. I kind of need to go into my office and put in an hour at my actual paying job (see what I mean so part-time I do maybe 3-4 hours a week).

One thing I like about this project is that it really forces me to make a realistic to do list. I just deleted about 7 other things I "should" do today. I don't have time, really, to get the things I've already listed done, but it is a lot more realistic than what is going on in my head. (a trip to Joann's and taking a carload off to the donation center, updating the de-clutter blog, all those things will have to wait).

So today in a nutshell: meetings, 10k steps, get rid of 2 things. Stretch goal: finish pj pants.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September 17

Yesterday, I did run (and I upped my intervals to 5 min running, 3 walking) and made it three miles. It was ugly, but I did it. As a consequence, I made it to 15K steps. I almost forgot to plank, and so right at bedtime I did 2 reps of 30 seconds. I only got rid of one thing yesterday--a nail file. I did however, get the second pair of pjs cut out and sewed together. I was also super productive at work, which is good. I also threw my canning pot into the dishwasher and put it and all the other canning supplies AWAY

Today, I'm headed to farmer's market where I will NOT buy anything to can. NO. For one thing, I only have 3 jars left and for another, let's just say, I'm done. I will however, buy some stuff to eat. After that yoga. I have not been in ages, and so I'm cutting myself some planking slack. I do vinyasa yoga, so plenty of planking there. Today, I also plan to clean the house and run some errands. My elastic supply is low, and so I need some more. Hopefully, I'll be able to finish the PJ pants today too.

I know I've been kinda quiet on the knitting front, and I apologize. I have been plugging away quietly on a project I started at the beginning of summer. And it is taking me so long because I keep finding myself going UGH at the thought of more stockinette in the round. But last night I finished the second sleeve, so I hope I'll get to show it off soon.

OH I know! Yesterday I pulled out my new socks (The ones I finished in July) and they are even yummier than I remembered. I LOVED wearing them. Which is of course the great thing about making socks in the summer--it feels like all new when you finally get to wear them. Kind of like finishing them twice.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sept 16

Yesterday I finished up my canning with 2 pints of pizza sauce. My only complaint was that I had most of a third pint, but not enough to get up to the required headspace. So now I have pizza sauce I need to eat or freeze. Also that took 3 hours, I kid you not.

I did a little sewing on the pj pants, but not a lot--enough to run out the bobbin thread and get too lazy to replace it. I got my errands run, including a trip to the next town over to buy pants for my picky picky daughter. I got my 10k steps in with a little before bed pacing, and planked 4sets of 30 seconds.

I'm feeling good about the decluttering. I went through the kid art, photographed it, had the girls pick their 2 favorites, and gave the rest to their grandma. Out of my house! Although now I'm wondering if they gave away the pieces I saved to keep (I saved one each).

Probably most impressive was that my husband solved the Halloween dilemma. One girl usually decides what she wants to be before we go pattern looking, and you can't budge her. The other usually changes her mind lots of times. This time, they flipped until I bought the super hero pattern for the girl insisting on being a pink batgirl, and then my usually stubborn child decided SHE wanted to be the superhero panda girl. For 2 weeks any time Halloween was mentioned, a small fight broke out. Last night my husband had a talk with the pink batgirl about why she wanted to be that and what she wanted in a costume, and she decided she'd rather be a poodle. With a tutu. She helpfully drew us a picture:

Believe it or not, I can work with this.

Today the goals include running (spoiler alert--I am writing this as I just finished my run), aiming for 15K steps, planking, de-cluttering, and working on the PJ pants. Ideally I'd like to have 2 pairs ready to fit. I should at least have one, as all it needs is the elastic casing. If I have time, I need to figure out how I'm going to make the poodle "shirt." One thing I will not be doing is canning. In fact, I'm going to put the canning pot in the dishwasher--and when it is done, I am packing it away until next spring.

Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15

Yesterday I took a much needed recuperation day. I did get my 10K steps, even though I had to take two walks around my huge block to achieve it. I waited too long to do my planking and was too tired to do it. It was a big de-clutter day, as we made the first step in moving summer clothes into storage, and fall clothes up into the girls' room. My girls are at an age, where they don't grow out of things every year, and so they get attached to things. And so when they grow out of them, they still want to keep them because they have fond memories. However, they both must have been feeling somewhat practical, and let go of many summer clothes that normally would have fallen in that category. I filled a kitchen trash bag with donation clothes.

I started the blue pj pants, finally deciding to take the leap and cut them out. I don't know what it is about cutting patterns that makes me so nervous. Perhaps the fact that you can't undo cutting. I sewed the seams up on the serger, but still need to put the legs together and get the waistband ready.

Mostly though, we relaxed.

Today initially I was going to go for a run, and then realized that the forecast indicates rain today, whereas tomorrow it is supposed to be clear. As i write this, I don't see the clouds on the horizon moving in, so maybe not running today was a lazy choice rather than a good choice.

I do have errands to take care of today, and pizza sauce to make and can. I need to change the frog water too--a big task as the frog population more than doubled this winter. So the goal is to take care of that and get the blue pants ready for fitting. Stretch goal--to see if I can't get the purple pj pants cut out. And of course, plank (going to do it this morning), decluttering (I'd like to tackle last year's school art), and 10K steps (I have 2000 already!)


This may be the main view I have today.