Friday, August 09, 2013

summer update

I have my adjustments made on the dahlia cardigan, but I don't have time at the moment to photograph it and detail the ideas. I'm knitting away though, and perhaps next week when my children go to camp for three whole days, I'll have time to write an entry with pictures about actual knitting (although who knows, they are in camp 18 total hours, and I already have 20 hours worth of stuff I want to do while they are gone).

We have been crafting though. I bribed encouraged my children to participate in our running program last week by offering to buy 2 colors of dye and white t-shirts if they would run all three days with no complaining. We made it mostly and so on Saturday we had tie-dye day. Of course tie-dye day is only fun if you invite ALL your friends (glad I bought the 5 pack of t-shirts). It was "the most fun ever!" according to the participants. It wasn't bad for me either even though I did all the hard work and clean up. These are the evidence of the best day. faces cropped/blurred, t-shirts still wet (and vivid. They faded a bit in the wash)


I have two children, but for some reason only one picture would upload to flickr.:

The other thing we are doing a lot of is watching turkeys stroll through the neighborhood:
turkeys--growing up

They scared a jogger just minutes after I took these, he did the wildest double take!

And of course, we love butterflies here. Usually we don't get a lot of different species in town. I think all the pesticides/herbicides/heavy weeding that happens in town (plus mowing, we don't have meadows) means that it is rare to see much beyond white sulfurs. Although we have also seen eastern tiger swallowtails. Generally we don't get too close. Today though we caught this guy:
red spotted admiral open red spotted admiral closed

We photographed him/her and released. My butterfly book, entomologist friend, and google all agree: red spotted purple admiral