Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Whenever I try to talk to my husband about knitting, say try to get an opinion out of him he says to me "yarn yarn yarn yarn yarn". (Imagine that done in a Charlie Brown adult voice). But in all honesty most of what makes knitting fun and fabulous or disappointing is yarn. When I first started knitting, I was like a lot of people and entranced by yarn. Sadly for me, a lot of that yarn was yarn I would not use now. Then, I was attracted to Fun! Interesting! fibers. Now, I want simpler yarn.

I say this all because it goes a long way in explaining why I thought it would be a good idea to buy enough yarn to make a vest in Moda Dea Dream. In green no less! Can you imagine, I'd have looked a bit like Oscar the grouch. It explains why I have a poncho made of homespun. It feels like a big blanket and is comfy but oh my goodness I hope to never have to knit with homespun ever again, it is so squeaky.

I made a pair of socks out of tofutsies and they got multiple holes in it and I decided that perhaps soy yarn isn't great for socks.

It also explains one of the oldest skeins in my stash. I knew that it was banana silk, but it took a search in ravlery to determine it was Frabjous fibers banana silk. Multicolored of course. I just have one skein. I have no idea what I thought I would make with it. I just look at it and know that I bought it because it was shiny and silky and made of bananas! I dug it out the other day intending to make a scarf from it. I tried a drop stitch pattern and was unsatisfied and ripped it out. Then I started a narrower garter stitch scarf, and a movie at the same time. So now I have an almost 4 foot long garter stitch scarf in banana silk... and I hate it.

While I was trying to decide what to do--rip it out and make something narrower, rip it out and do nothing, rip it out and try a new pattern--I started Estelle in a yarn that is more me these days: Quince and company Lark.(in purple)

Of course any and all suggestions about the banana silk are welcomed.

yarn yarn yarn yarn.....

Monday, September 12, 2011


I'll get back to yarn and knitting soon. but one reason I have not been writing so much is that I've been really busy with food! I made the peach jam of course, then froze enough peaches for a crisp and for several peach lassis. I still have another week of peach season, so I may freeze more--or maybe make some fresh lassi. Or you know I do actually eat fresh peaches. Liz, friend of mine told her facebook friends that she was going to cook every recipe in Jamie Oliver's food revolution. A friend of hers said she should blog about it. Like every day! Like Julie and Julia! Sure, let's make both cooking and blogging a chore. But she did blog or maybe just note on facebook two recipes she'd made, and they both sounded really good. So I checked the cookbook out of my local library. Let me tell you, I love this cookbook. I love that the steps are laid out. I love that the recipes are easy. I love that every recipe has a picture and STEP pictures. My kids gravitated towards a shell pasta dish which also happens to be on his website. My kids actually do eat a lot of vegetables, (and one lists quinoa as a favorite food) but since they were so gung ho (it was the shell pasta) that was the first one we made. And oh my was it good. First off, it took less than 30 minutes to make. then it was good. THEN it made a ton so we had leftovers. My girls had 2 helpings each. I managed to snap a picture of it: P9070006 Then our farm share has been giving us a lot of winter squash. While I have a few butternut squash recipes I like, I am usually stumped when it comes to acorn squash. I don't like them except in soups. Enter Jamie Oliver and his sweet potato and chorizo soup. My husband made it substituting an acorn and a butternut squash for the sweet potatoes. Again. Oh my. My children thought it a "little zippy" and only had a spoonful. so we have a ton leftover. Which is ok because YUM. I didn't take a picture and he doesn't have the recipe online, but trust me on this. It was good. I have 2 or 3 more recipes I want to try from there. I have no need to cook my way through it, but I am enjoying it. Back to yarn next time.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

busy back soon....

I have been busy lately. I will get back to writing more regularly soon, but in the meantime I finished some socks. socks The legs are a good reminder of gauge issues--one leg was done on larger needles (a fact which was forgotten by me until I finished the second sock with smaller needles). needless to say the pattern on the socks doesn't match.