Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Part of me hesitates to update since I do not want to take the time to take some photos and upload them. And what is a craft blog without some photos of craft? But alas, if this is going to be updated, it probably needs to be photo-less. So I present you with a photo free project update.

Halloween costumes: I started late this year. I have two costumes to make: a monster and Hermione Granger. The monster had a vest, skirt, leg warmers and mitts. All sewed. All with a pattern. Hermione, oh sigh. For years I've seen patterns for Harry Potter characters, but the year my daughter wants to be Hermione, there are none. So, I'm faking it. Hermione needs a skirt, a tie, and a robe. I bought a grey vest/white shirt. I looked for a tie in the right colors, but couldn't find one. I did buy this pattern for the robe. I also bought a plain skirt pattern, so I could make it to match the grey in the sweater I bought. I decided that I'd make the tie out of bias tape.
So that said as of today, I have the monster costume done with the small exception of velcro on the vest. I have also learned that Silky fur fleece will make your house look like you murdered a muppet. But now the sewing room has been thoroughly vacuumed. I am starting on the robe very soon.

Dahlia sweater: I have the sides finished which means that I am hesitating. Why am I hesitating? Well, the next step is to unzip the afterthought spots for the sleeves. At that point I need to do two things:
Try it on and make sure it is long enough and
Read the pattern

Hopefully, I'll get past both of these, because I really want the sweater!

Friday, October 11, 2013


I think I have said before that I am real product knitter. Sure I like the process, I find the endless stockinette soothing at times, I find socks to be this great way to achieve a particular kind of meditation, BUT what I like best is that at the end of all that, I get a new sweater or pair of socks. And often times I pick projects because I really really want that thing--be it socks or sweaters or scarves.

This is why I started knitting the dahlia cardigan way back in... gosh Ravelry says June! I wanted that sweater for the early fall when you don't need (I almost spelled need "kneed" as if every N sound needs the silent k because knit and knitter and knitting all have it. I KNOW!) a heavy wool sweater, but you do need something light to throw on to make that transition. I thought of course that it would be done by the time the weather turned.

Well the weather has turned, and every day for the last week I have thought I need my Dahlia cardigan. I even saw at Kohl's a sweater that was similar in construction (without a fancy lace back --but still a lace back) and nearly bought it (darn that Kohl's cash!). I held back because "Dude! you are almost done with that puppy!"

Except I'm not. I just started last night the edging on the left front. I still have SLEEVES to make for pete's sake! And that's if I made the fronts long enough.


I did put lifelines in. I may be stupid, but I learn from my mistakes.

Mainly I've been busy working on halloween costumes. I feel totally far behind, I wanted to finish one costume up this week, and while technically I have 2 days before the week is up, my children do not have school today, so week over! I will leave you with a peek of how messy the fabric is for the costume I had hoped to finish.

This is what I looked like after cutting the pattern out.fuzz