Monday, November 30, 2009

Project process

Despite my frantic knitting away, and the space between these entries, I have nothing to show.
So instead of showing, I'll write out my knitting project checklist that I seem to use for each and every project. In between each and every one of these you could insert--check ravelry

1) Choose a project
2) dither about project
3) consider about 20 yarns for project
4) reject 15 yarns
5) debate merits of remaining 5 yarns
6) choose a color
7) decide color sucks, choose another
8) decide just to buy whatever color I can find in an appropriate yarn
9) Worry about amounts purchased
10) swatch for project
11) reject first swatch,
12) reswatch
13) start project
14) worry about yarn amounts
15) worry about size
16) finish project

Usually there are also abut 10 steps between 13 and 14 which include curse pattern, rip back, and decide to use different needles.

I decided on pattern, yarn and needles for the teacher's scarf and have already made it to #14. Today I just decided to suck it up and buy an extra ball of the yarn. I think I'll need it. I'm also adding, worried about finishing this in time.

I decided on lace ribbon Scarf In black because it goes with more stuff. If it comes out right it could work an inside scarf too. I went with Silky Wool. I had a ball from a while back that was all silk and wool--now it seems it has nylon in it as well. Honestly, I am not enamored with it. Also--it is going really really slow--and I've made more mistakes than I care to admit.
Right now I'd estimate I have 30 of the 80 inches. stay tuned.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

in a holding pattern

Whenever I finish something I get a little stalled. Well either that or I cast on a bunch of stuff. Well this time, I'm a little stalled. I think it is because I know that I need to get started with some gift knitting. And as you might have figured out by now, I am not a snap decision maker. (By the way, the send the denise set in for a replacement won--it got two votes. You could still vote by going here.)

Most of the time I knit for me. But I do like to knit for other people, I just don't get much opportunity (although my daughters would probably both like a sweater this winter--so maybe after the gifts are done). This year though I am making a family member a gift and since one of them might read here, I won't say much more. I will though tell you about the teacher gifts because while I might reasonably expect my family to read, I'm pretty sure the teacher doesn't.

Last year I made both the teacher and the teacher's aide scarves. Scarves are good because it wasn't much of an investment in time or materials and yet still were lovely. This year I only have one teacher but two kids in the class so I was thinking I'd still make 2 gifts. I usually save the food gifts until the end of the year because by then they know me well enough that food might get eaten and people don't overload teachers with food in June like they do in December (last year I baked a loaf of bread and stuck in some homeade jam--the kindergarten teacher ate it THAT day). So, I'm starting to think about knitted gifts.

Of course I've only gotten through the thinking stage. I know that drop stitch scarves are both attractive and easy. I know the teacher's favorite color is puprle, as is mine, so stash might come into play here. Both girls and MIL have all suggested socks as one present. I hesitate with the socks though because I'd have to subtly size her feet and not everyone likes handknit socks--especially if they've never worn them. Although I did think felted slippers might be fun. I've searched on ravelry and come up with a couple of scarves and cowls (including the yarn harlot's pretty thing) that I want to make for ME. And I had a funny thing happen.
I saw that someone had made Lace Ribbon out of Lorna's laces in the lakeview colorway which has a beautiful mix of purple and teal, and it was lovely. I recalled I had some and got a little sad about making a teacher's gift from it because I knew I had bought it because I wanted socks made from it. Well a quick look at my sock yarn stash shows me that I already made socks from that yarn. OOPS.

I also bought the Interweave knits holiday gifts issue--which was $14.99! Thank goodness for Joann's coupons. (and as an aside, I think that this $14.99 crap is really going to force more people to buy this mag someplace where they can get a hefty discount--which makes me sad for the lys) I don't know if I would make he same decision again, but there is a nice lacy scarf in there.

So here's where I am at. I'd like to make 2 gifts--felted (or not) slippers and a scarf of some sort. I'd like to make them all in purple (although not matching cause that's weird). I'd like to use some stash yarn--although I'm finding it hard to part with a lot of the purple because I LURVE it so much. What this means is that ironically--I probably won't use any stash yarn as most of what I'm willing to part with isn't purple. Although I do have some silky wool in purple that I might be able to let go. And I don't think I have anything purple that will felt--at least not in quantities sufficient for slippers.

So that's where I am, knitting something secret, planning the teacher gifts.

Oh PS in the last entry I was asked a question about finishing (sewing seams), I should work up a post on that because unlike a lot of knitters, I actually like finishing.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Hoodie and halloween!

I was going to spread these out a bit so I'd have more blog fodder, but I am too excited.
I finished a bunch of stuff!
First, I finally finished my Central Park Hoodie. I put off writing about it because I had to take the pictures myself and they didn't come out all that great.
It is a little snugger than I'd like--but I tend to like my clothes big and baggy. It does fit, it would close if it had some closure type thing on it. I did buy buttons, but I wanted to wear it so I decided to wait on the buttons and I think I like it button less. We'll see.
For the record: The yarn is Wool of the Andes from knit picks, in sapphire heather. I used size 6 needles and made a size 40. Have I mentioned that I LOVE it. I actually have to stop myself from wearing it every day. Maybe someday I'll even put the buttons on (obviously I opted to go with the crochet chain button loops). I do think it would also look good with a zipper. Ok, I'd love to make this again, but I might make the next size up next time.

Then came Halloween and of course I had the costumes done. Even though when I was making the giant tie that the clown had requested, I broke a needle and it went flying at my EYE. A small piece hit my glasses and I think another tiny piece got in my eye which was all watery and irritated for a day. They were so cute, and ultimately very happy with their costumes.
together2 (masks for Internet privacy)
They were totally thrilled, and most people recognized what they were supposed to be. In my opinion this is win win for costumes. I love trick or treating with them because people will tell them how much they like their costumes and they both proudly say--mom made them!. Warms my heart.
We did go through a little bit of angst about perhaps clown wasn't the first choice (she waffled between that and penguin) but in the end everyone loved her costume, primarily for the wig.

And for some reason I lost this part of my post where I said I had some gifts I was working on. I suppose that will be a post for another day.