Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Just a quick update

I picked up the Dahlia cardigan again. I ripped back the ribbing on the sides, and am knitting out 4 more inches or so. I'm hoping between that, blocking, and spring weather (promised to me by a wooly bear caterpillar --little lying bugs who also said this was going to be an easy winter) I'll have a nice sweater for those cool summer nights.

Recently, we had a special election to renew school funding and I signed up to be a poll watcher. What this meant was that I sat in my polling place for a few hours, checking to see if a group of people who committed to voting in favor, actually voted. It was promised to be dull work, and I was told to bring a book or something. I was also told, I couldn't talk with voters, especially before they voted, as my job was not to campaign. I brought my cardigan and sat in a corner. I swear at least 5 voters came up to me and wanted to know what I was working on and basically talk knitting. It was weird, how I suddenly went from being quiet and stay out of the way, into a distraction for one woman in particular who zeroed in on me BEFORE she voted. (Most people voted and then talked to me) It must have been ok though because I wasn't asked to leave and they kept letting me see the names.

Lesson learned: you want to start a revolution, bring your knitting. DSCN2396

Monday, February 03, 2014


I finished my socks. The ones on Ravelry I called my "Socks to take my mind off stuff" the "Stuff" being my Dahlia cardigan. I think I might have an idea about what to do next on that, so maybe this spring, I really will have a new sweater.


The yarn has flecks of silver, which didn't show up great from a distance, but sure made them fun to work on.


Details (needles, yarn etc.) have already been given. It is my favorite toe up pattern, by Ann Budd which was in Interweave Knits, Summer 2007.