Friday, January 17, 2014

sock it to me.

I almost forgot about rainbow loom. My girls both got rainbow looms for Christmas, and we had a fun fun time over their break watching youtube videos, and making things. Our favorite tutorials have come from Made by Mommy if for no other reason than we can pause it after a direction is given and say "yes, Mommy!" Cracks us all up. I only have one picture of a charm we made, but hopefully the girls will give me more of the gazillion pictures they took.

panda charm

And yes, I did need my own loom. But it was good one on one time for each girl to do a video tutorial with me. And I gave the other girl whatever I made, so win win. Unless someone wants to buy me one of my own (along with 1 billion rubber bands).

I mentioned that I started a sock on the driving portions of our vacation. I finished one:
vacation sock
I love love love the colorway. Although you can not see the silver. I don't care. They match my favorite ugly green sweater and so I am looking forward to finishing the second sock. I probably should have made the cuff a tiny bit wider and longer. Oh well maybe the second sock!

The yarn is Kraemer yarns, silk and silver. Estate Green is the colorway name. I'm using my US 1 needles. I called them on ravelry, "Socks to take my mind off things" which is pretty much what they are doing. I need to make another big sock repair push though. One of my pairs recently blew a big hole and I fixed it right away and then felt so virtuous about it, I vowed to fix the other two socks that need repairs.

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