Saturday, September 27, 2008


I wish that I could be writing this with a finished object in hand. But alas, instead of knitting, I've been mostly unkniting.
me in the purple
Became this:
sweater undone

I've never liked this purple sweater--well I did like the yarn, I did like the concept, but for some reason I never liked the fit. After much debate and agony, I decided that there was only one thing to be done, frog it and make something I'll wear. I decided that about six months ago. But the other day I realized that I had a pattern that would fit this yarn, well. I don't know about the gauge, but I've made the pattern before and I think I could easily adjust for the gauge.

I've also been sewing this week and have made great progress on the dress for Glenda.
I still have to put on the collar, the zipper, the hem, and some of the ornamentation. I'll probably get the zipper and collar done, then start heavy into the second costume--that way I'll get both dresses done, and if I don't get the ornamentation done before Halloween, no one will miss it. It feels so good to see some progress on this. For a long time, I felt like nothing was moving forward and like perhaps I would never get this done. Now I can see where I might actually be cutting out the second dress by this time next week.
Well whew, I'd better get back to work.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

busy not knitting

Has it really been a week? Oh man this week has been so busy that I feel like I have not done anything. I don't have any pictures either which increases that feeling. So what did I do this week--I'm glad you asked, here's a list.

On Wednesday I felt too dizzy to go running and so I sat down and typed up a chart for the lace in the lacey hug me tight shrug. I did it for Jill, and I'm quite proud of it. I've never actually typed a chart before. I can't post it here or make it available to you all, because I don't own the copyright to the pattern. I just really did it for my own personal use and I gave it to Jill because she helped me with the big needle dilemma. Well that and I know she owns the book--and really the chart should have gone with the book.

I also bought a book. Lace Style by Pam Allen and Ann Budd. I'm hoping that one of the sweaters in there will inspire me with that grey yarn. If not, well it has been on my Amazon wish list (which is now looking very puny) since forever.

I came to the conclusion with the Glenda costume, that my five year old does not need the bust darts that are in the costume, in the shape of curved piecing. Yes, I did decide this when no one I knew could get them in without puckering madly, but it doesn't make it any less true. I cut out a new piece that incorporates the side pieces, and the bodice will probably not lay right for my troubles but eh! It will be dark, she'll get frosting on it anyway. Insert witty rationalization here. While I was futzing with that I was also doing the sleeves, and I'm hoping to sew them in today. This week should be less hectic, so I'm hoping I'll be able to work more on it--only 40 days until halloween, and I still have another costume, I have not started.

I started a sock for me. Well I started two--I was trying to see if I could get the purple stripe yarn I made kids socks out of not to do the weird pooling with the striping. So I know a bit on size 1.5 needles and a bit on size 1. The 1.5s are the brittany birch and UGh dull ugh. Seems, too, that the pooling must be inevitable, as I have it on both socks. I think I'll frog the 1.5 version though. I should be knitting more socks, they are good interesting tv knitting (and Heroes starts Monday so....) and I like wearing them. Add to this the amount of sock yarn I own, and really I should be knitting more socks.

I also did maybe 4 rows on my kindergarten lace scarf. I have an extra stitch too, but it isn't noticeable, I hope.

Hopefully this week will be less busy.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

In which I whine

I've been thinking about this post for a few days now. How especially to make it sound really non-whiney.
See, I finished the socks:
So both girls have a pair.
And I started my lace project for when I have free lace knitting time. And I wanted to start a sweater, that I could work on while I watched interesting tv. I was reading a forum or something where someone was dying to make Oblique but had yarn too thin. Well, I should never have clicked through the link because then I had the very same problem. I'd love to knit this, but I just can NOT get gauge. I'm at 3.5 inches for 17 stitches--when I need to be at 4. And NOTHING I have looked at so far is suitable. The yarn is a DK and I'd like to make a cardigan in something a little more complex than simple stockinette. Ravelry says there are over 500 items that fit this criteria. When I limit it to patterns in my library it suggests a sweater from A gathering of Lace that calls for size 3 needles (and is not clear on what I should be testing my gauge). And I think might be a little out of the league of tv watching.

But I should not be knitting at all because there are a mere 47 days until halloween (and I'm guessing costumes might be needed before that too).
However, I spent an hour today in frustration trying to piece in some curves on Glenda's dress. The most frustrating part--there seem to be no reason for the curves. I could have easily made a pattern out of the pieces I cut--gluing them the way they are supposed to go and then using that for a pattern. Right now my MIL is setting in the curves as I was told that if I cried over the costume, we were going to buy costumes next year. Have I mentioned that the only year I ever bought a costume for the girls was their first halloween when I was not sleepign more than 4 hours at a time and could barely write my name, much less find a pattern. Too bad too, because baby costumes are terribly cute.

Monday, September 08, 2008

the next projects

So kindergarten is now in full swing, but the socks aren't done (yet). I only have about half a sock more to do and then, new socks for school! My knitting prowess and speed (ha) have evidently made a big impression on one of my daughters, who offered to one of her new friends that mom could make her a backpack. The backpack in question is Ayla from knitty. I made one for each of the girls a while ago in fact one of them hung in the yarn store I used to work in as a sample. I don't have a good picture of that one, but the one that started it all was this one:
purple ayla
Turns out the friend wants pink and green or something. Hope the friend isn't actually expecting the backpack.

You know how I said I wasn't knitting anything else for anyone--especially not as a Christmas present? Well, I should just stop saying things like that. I've agreed to knit one of my non-knitting friends a shrug for her mom for christmas Guess which one. You can laugh right along with me. I'm doing the lace first this time though--get through it.

I probably shouldn't, given my track record with big pronouncements, announce that now that my children (the ladies) are in school I have tons of free time. Actually I don't, but I am finding myself with the odd hour or two where the house is quiet and I do not feel like collapsing in a giant puddle. This will probably change just as soon as I say that or as soon as I tell you that I have fun and exciting things planned with that time.
First you must know that as of today there are only 53 days left before Halloween. And Halloween means.... candy and sewing! And yes, I am a nutcase, but I've already made my children decide on their costumes.

Since their tastes are running toward frilly dresses and gowns, I'd best get cracking.

But really, the reason I'm excited about quiet non sleepy time is:
That's some hand dyed by me Knit picks Bare, lace weight. I'm hoping it is a good substitute for Alpaca Cloud. I'm also hoping it doesn't look too clown-like since it is one of my first dyed efforts and I went a bit crazy on the colors. I did think that this lace project would be fairly easy so I could theoretically do this during my less than awake times and would be good to do in the odd hour or two I have. That is when I'm not making costumes.

You can tell I'm not little miss suzy homemaker, because I never once thought to myself--Ahh now I will have time to clean my house!

Monday, September 01, 2008

socks socks socks

I think I might be on a sock kick.

I was working on toe up socks for me from Knit picks Dancing. And I finished those.
Then I decided that I'd make some socks for my daughters. I started with the daughter who loves pink and who had picked out some pink stripey cascade fixation. It is a bit thicker and really knit up fast. I finished those in four days. FOUR. I don't have a picture yet though because it is still on my camera. She wanted them short, so I guess that helped.

Then the daughter who loves purple has some Lorna's laces Purple stripe that I bought 18 months ago for her (stash much?). I started those last night and have a decent amount done on the first toe. I think they were both hoping they'd be done before school started but, eh, not going to happen.

I can't really tell exactly why I am so enamored with this toe up sock. I liked socks ok from the cuff down. And when I first learned to make them I made... well three pairs much like I am now--one for me and one for each of the girls. I just don't remember liking them as much. I think what I'm enjoying is the short row heel, which just seems to give a heel with little fuss and no picking up stitches and then decreasing or heel flaps or any of that other nonsense. Perhaps I'll have to learn to do a cuff down short row heel, and see if I like that.