Saturday, September 27, 2008


I wish that I could be writing this with a finished object in hand. But alas, instead of knitting, I've been mostly unkniting.
me in the purple
Became this:
sweater undone

I've never liked this purple sweater--well I did like the yarn, I did like the concept, but for some reason I never liked the fit. After much debate and agony, I decided that there was only one thing to be done, frog it and make something I'll wear. I decided that about six months ago. But the other day I realized that I had a pattern that would fit this yarn, well. I don't know about the gauge, but I've made the pattern before and I think I could easily adjust for the gauge.

I've also been sewing this week and have made great progress on the dress for Glenda.
I still have to put on the collar, the zipper, the hem, and some of the ornamentation. I'll probably get the zipper and collar done, then start heavy into the second costume--that way I'll get both dresses done, and if I don't get the ornamentation done before Halloween, no one will miss it. It feels so good to see some progress on this. For a long time, I felt like nothing was moving forward and like perhaps I would never get this done. Now I can see where I might actually be cutting out the second dress by this time next week.
Well whew, I'd better get back to work.


Anonymous said...

tyyviHi,there,just found your blog via several other blogs and you made me laugh. It's good to know that someone else rips out knitting and turns it into something else(or not!)Sending greetings from Ireland.

Annie said...

You are so brave to frog something like that :)
Keep us posted on the costume. I'm sewing a fairy godmother for my daughter.