Monday, October 06, 2008

weekly update...

Another week has gone by , and I have little to show for it. Well, I did get some sewing done--even though I have no pictures. So, let's do a listing on the projects at hand and see where they are.

Glenda: I have declared Glenda done for the moment. Oh she's not done done, but I do have the zipper in (what a pain that was, let me tell you) and the collar done (ditto). The zipper I actually sewed in 4 times, because unlike a *normal* pattern, you put in the zipper almost last, meaning that I kept sewing it to the bodice. I also stepped on my portable sew table and broke it in three pieces. I did glue gun it back together, but man was I mad at myself.
Glenda, still needs a hem, and some appliqu├ęs.

Purple Princess: This is costume #2. I cut out all the pieces this week, and fused the interfacing. I need to read the directions carefully on this one, because I'd like to put in a zipper instead of the lacing and don't want a repeat of the glenda zipper fiasco. After I finish this, I'll start sewing.

socks for me: I started a pair of purple striped socks. I did decide that I should use the size 1 needles, and decided to make them a little smaller than the gauge/size said they should be. It fits great (love love love toe up socks), and during the debate this week, I did the heel. Now it looks long and skinny and quite funny. I did start to say they, but I'm only doing one at a time.

Kindergarten scarf: oh my--I set this in my bag so it would be out of the way and did not pick it up all week. Part of my problem is that I think I need to be using larger needles as my result does not look anywhere near the laciness of the picture. I know blocking will help, but right now it would need a LOT of blocking. Am still thinking about how to proceed. Contrary to past events, I really don't want to finish it and then decided to frog it and start over. Speaking of which...

All that yarn: Is now wound into center pull balls and waiting for me to get done sewing and swatch something.

Speaking of sewing... I promised I'd only write until 10 am and that is now.

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