Monday, October 20, 2008

more progress

I meant so much to write an entry before a week had elapsed. I even opened a file that I called "yarn store funnies", but I have no idea what I was going to write about.
Well, maybe I was going to write about how I took my girls to the yarn store with me, and these girls who will barely wear the sweater or socks I made for them were insisting I make them hats, socks, and purses. I am also a softee, because I figured I could make them each a felted purse. My pink girl wanted a "real" green. Purple girl insisted on a soft purple. I have LOTS of purple feltable yarn in my stash though, so I only bought green--well that and none "met her expectations about softness."

So when I knit this weekend--Friday through Sunday this is what I managed to get done:

You'll have to trust me that it is purple.

I did manage this week, to get nothing done on Glenda--although I'll be doing some hand sewing tonight during Heros because I found my Thimble. I also managed to get the zipper in on the purple princess. All I have left on that is the sleeves and the crown! (I also got some knitting on my socks done, funny how the debates have been great tv knitting time--and the irony of knitting purple during this debate is not lost of me--since I think most of the country would look purple if we could get every township to be either red or blue depending on how they voted)

We need to go and buy the materials for Glenda's crown , as I have just been informed that the crown is necessary. The crown for this princess is throwing me off--it calls for buckram and then gluing fabric to it--is there any reason I can't use double sided fusible interfacing?

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Knitterella said...

Looking forward to seeing your girls in their costumes!