Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Just a quick update

I picked up the Dahlia cardigan again. I ripped back the ribbing on the sides, and am knitting out 4 more inches or so. I'm hoping between that, blocking, and spring weather (promised to me by a wooly bear caterpillar --little lying bugs who also said this was going to be an easy winter) I'll have a nice sweater for those cool summer nights.

Recently, we had a special election to renew school funding and I signed up to be a poll watcher. What this meant was that I sat in my polling place for a few hours, checking to see if a group of people who committed to voting in favor, actually voted. It was promised to be dull work, and I was told to bring a book or something. I was also told, I couldn't talk with voters, especially before they voted, as my job was not to campaign. I brought my cardigan and sat in a corner. I swear at least 5 voters came up to me and wanted to know what I was working on and basically talk knitting. It was weird, how I suddenly went from being quiet and stay out of the way, into a distraction for one woman in particular who zeroed in on me BEFORE she voted. (Most people voted and then talked to me) It must have been ok though because I wasn't asked to leave and they kept letting me see the names.

Lesson learned: you want to start a revolution, bring your knitting. DSCN2396

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Rebecca said...

I am keeping an eye on this because I'm sort of in the middle of my own Dahlia.