Thursday, October 22, 2009

harry potter and a POLL

It has been a long day today--actually a long week. But I had some finished socks and going to test a poll.

I finished My Harry Potter socks.
harry potter socks
That's Opal's Harry Und Ron colorway
harry p socks
One is just pulled up farther on my leg--they really are the same size.

Other projects are moving along too. With 9 days left to go I have completed most of the clown outfit. The pattern said--easy 2 hour pattern and I think I might actually have two hours in on it now and only have the neck casing and elastic to do, plus whatever "collar" gets decided upon. Actually I only have 8 days. EEP!

I'm also seaming up my central park hoodie and I think it might actually fit me. I bought buttons, but have no idea if they'll work. Details later.
While I was knitting the border of the hoodie (308 stitches OY), something happened to me that was simply horrifying. the 19" cable on my Denise set (which was hooked to some other one so I could have cable long enough for 308 stitches) broke. as in the little connector thing snapped off. So, here's my decision: I could buy a new 19" cable for $5 total (and pick pink or blue--my set is blue) or I could for the cost of a padded envelope and one way shipping plus $1 send it in for a replacement via Denise's lifetime warranty. I figure both options will cost me close to the same. So--which should I do:

Feel opinionated beyond this--leave me a comment! But please, I love my Denise set and so no anti-denise sentiments.


Martel said...

I really don't understand the Denise hate. I have seen every single interchangable set fail on somebody, some that were three times the cost.

Rebecca said...

It may sound silly, but those socks remind me of Frogger. All they need is a charcoal grey section for the road part. Yes, I'm a dork.