Monday, October 19, 2009

waxy leaves

This weekend the ladies and I did two things I've never ever done before.
First we found something in a parenting magazine we wanted to try and second, we tried it. The project was waxing leaves.

Now, the magazine article touted it as fun to do with your kids AND a great way to make fall decorations. Well.... I decided after doing it that it was one of those OR statements rather than an AND. What I mean is, you could either have fun with your kids or make something to decorate your home. But unless your kids are way more talented than mine, or you are way more controlling about art projects than I am, you probably won't end up with something you'd want to decorate with. Oh that sounded negative--it was FUN!

So here's what we did:
First I bought some Paraffin wax. The website I had to consult because the magazine we read this in was in a doctor's waiting room, said that you could find it in the canning aisle of your supermarket and whoa, they were right.
parafin(please excuse my messy counter)

We collected a bunch of leaves on Friday on the way home from school and pressed them under a few knitting books.
leaves before
The directions all said, use a tin can on a double boiler, but my MIL who uses the same wax in peanut butter balls (all I can say about that is eww, I knew there was a reason I didn't like those--I always thought it was the peanut butter.) melts hers in the microwave. I started with a tin can on a double boiler, but found the microwave (in a glass dish to work easier--but it was harder to clean up. Also the directions online said to add water tot he paraffin, which I forgot to do.

Then it was only a matter of dipping the leaves in
Of course the girls were a little heavier with the wax than I would have been, and we probably should have added the water and re-heated the wax more often.
But I think the results weren't bad. And as I said we had a lot of fun.
leaves after

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