Tuesday, September 09, 2014

September 9

Yesterday turned out to be a really fun day. I canned 9 pints of peaches, took a 12 mile bike ride, planked 75 seconds, and got my 10K steps. No decluttering, but I did update my decluttering blog. On the surface, it looks wonderful, but it was a day for piling on the stuff for today. And the 10K steps only came because I paced for about 15 minutes before bed.


Today, I have the rest of the peaches to deal with. A staggering amount still. I was thinking about running, but any exercise is really going to need to wait until the peaches are done. I figured yesterday that it takes an hour for one batch (3 pints) and then 1/2 hour for each subsequent batch as long as i keep working. If I take a break (say for a bike ride or lunch or whatever) it stretches the time out.

So we'll stick with todays goals being, finish the peaches, run if I have time, plank (maybe some sets of 30 seconds), get my 10k steps and get rid of two items of "clutter." I have a bunch of other stuff to take care of today --starting with cleaning up the kitchen from last night (I had a meeting), and moving to putting in some hours at my work, so we'll see.

My kitchen smells GOOD I tell you.

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