Thursday, September 18, 2014

September 18

So yesterday. What to say about yesterday? Let's just say anytime I say I need to run errands, I should probably admit that I will get nothing else done. They are remodeling our Meijer (and their new sign for the kids section says "Kid's" which is just going to drive me batty every time I am there) and so nothing is where it used to be. What that means is that you really can't plan your route if you have only like 12 things to get (and that's usually how my mid-week trip goes). The good part is that you rack up the steps, so even though my afternoon errand running sucked up the better part of the afternoon, I easily got 13K steps.

I really didn't make progress anywhere else. I went to yoga (and predictably I am SORE), and farmer's market. I got the elastic casings on the pj pants sewn down and both girls measured for elastic.

Probably my best area was in de-cluttering, because I cleaned our tv/sleepover room in preparation for Friday's sleepover, and got rid of so much stuff: 3 computer games, 2 white boards, some cords to old electronics, and some yarn scraps and swatches. And yes, I just admitted to throwing away old swatches and tiny balls of leftover yarn. Yarn, for me, is a hard thing to de-clutter, but I was sick of having these tiny balls of yarn around (and I do mean tiny--think smaller than golf balls. Think shooting marble sized)

Today, I have the errands sitting equivalent: meetings. Ever since I was downsized from my part-time library job, I have been doing a lot of volunteering (In addition to a very small part-time job). I'm at the point in my volunteer career where I do a lot of organizing with other people, which means--meetings. Today I have two. For two different things. I like the volunteering, but I am not crazy about the meetings. Maybe if we walked while we talked....

I am hoping that I still have time to do some more cleaning. I can't really do much on the PJ pants as they need fittings for length. I forgot to get elastic yesterday, so I'm now officially out. Just another reason why I don't want to cut out the other 4 pairs I need to make. I kind of need to go into my office and put in an hour at my actual paying job (see what I mean so part-time I do maybe 3-4 hours a week).

One thing I like about this project is that it really forces me to make a realistic to do list. I just deleted about 7 other things I "should" do today. I don't have time, really, to get the things I've already listed done, but it is a lot more realistic than what is going on in my head. (a trip to Joann's and taking a carload off to the donation center, updating the de-clutter blog, all those things will have to wait).

So today in a nutshell: meetings, 10k steps, get rid of 2 things. Stretch goal: finish pj pants.

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