Sunday, September 07, 2014

September 7

Yesterday I went through the entire bushel of peaches, picked out the ones with bad spots (i.e. likely to rot before they ripen fully) and canned those as 3 pints of honey spiced peaches. One pint has not sealed. Took the girls running and so have well over my 10k steps. Finally took some things from the garage to the curb in anticipation of large trash pick up. Oh I almost forgot, before I had room to lay out the peaches, I had to take care of the tomatoes clogging the counter. I canned 3 more pints of crushed and one more pint of sauce.

Sometimes I feel bad when there is only one goal listed here, but what I keep trying to remember is that all these goals, are really on top of all the normal work I do. It isn't like I sit here all day twiddling my thumbs and then am all sad about not getting stuff done, I mean today I'll be doing my regular Sunday laundry, which is 8 loads, washed, dried, folded and handed over to be put away, plus regular tidying and stuff. That said, today's goal is go through the peaches again, and can any that are ripe enough. (Plus planking, steps and decluttering). Plus reprocess the can that didn't seal yesterday.

So here are two pictures of peaches First the bushel laid out on the counter:

And Devil Peach:
devil peach

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Kristine Goodwin said...

I think all produce begins to look a little evil after a lot of canning! ; )