Monday, September 08, 2014

September 8

So yesterday I hit my 10k steps at 4:30. You'd think I'd have ended the day at 20k but evidently that wore me out because I only made it to 12. I did 5 pints of peaches, basically the ones that were showing signs of damage. The majority are not ripe enough yet (at least for me, they are a little to crunchy). I reprocessed the one that did not seal, and it sealed! I planked a 50 second and a 40 second. I did not rally declutter anything, although I did throw out some stuff. I'm not sure how to describe, but she you order pictures online, and they give you a 4x6 with tiny pictures of what you ordered--well I had kept some of those, and pitched it. We also ended up doing som major trimming on a tree that was leaning of the roof. My husband says all the branches I dragged to the curb should count. I decluttered the driveway!

Today, more peaches and... exercise! I am a runner, but have not really run much this summer. Was planning a 2 mile interval thing, but got email asking if I'd bike ride again. Exercise is always more pleasant with company. Honestly, today is just about getting as many peaches canned as I can--at least assuming that enough are ripe. The ones I ate for breakfast were good, so probably today is going to be a big day. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have pictures of cans!

What are you up to today?

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