Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sept 13

So yesterday I finished canning peaches. My grand total came to 34 pints of normal, 3 of honey spiced. I also finished canning tomatoes my totals were 18 pints of crushed tomatoes and 6 of sauce. I still have a number of tomatoes though, so I may do pizza sauce. Assuming I can figure out how to make the required tomato purée. I did take a break from the canning when I heard this go by


I did get my 10k steps, but decided to skip planking. I finished chapter 3 while I was waiting for the last batch of sauce to process, but I did not declutter. I did not start pj pants, but I did go try to remember which of the 3 patterns I have worked best.

Today's goals are kind of dependent. My daughters and I are signed up to run in a color run. We haven't really trained, but it isn't timed, so I'm not worried about shattering any records. However, none of us has any desire to run in rain, and one of my daughters has a cold. I haven't checked weather forecast this morning yet, and my daughter says she feels yucky, but she just woke up. If we do run, I'll be aiming for 15k steps today. If we don't I'm hoping to get the pjs done. Regardless, I'd like to skip dealing with tomatoes. We'll see.

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