Sunday, September 28, 2014

September 28

Yesterday was kind of a lazy day. By 10:30am when I got dressed, I only had 188 steps. But I did get moving and ended up with just barely 10k steps. I made a real effort to plank during the day instead of waiting until just before bed and thinking "crap I have to plank!" And so did my 3 sets of 30 seconds by 8pm. I also got rid of two shirts, a book with no spine, and mismatched socks that I would have pitched even if they had mates. I read and relaxed and went yarn shopping at my LYSs fall sale. I bought some stuff too, and took some pictures, but that will have to wait. I bought purples, and so took pictures with my better camera so I could get a better rendering of the purple. But Friday I had dragged around my point and shoot, and so yesterday I downloaded the pictures I took Friday. Follow that?

So this is how every morning was last week with a light fog as the sun rose.


Then I thought you might like to see the pink kitties


Today, it is kind of the same as yesterday, steps, decluttering, plank. I need to get the laundry done and get girls through homework. On Sundays they like to go to the library, and if need to take them shopping (for jeans, I'm going to need some heavy knitting time after that)


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