Saturday, September 06, 2014

September 6

Yesterday the weather cooperated, and I went on a lovely bike ride with a friend. I'm afraid I slowed her down, but it was fun, and I hope to incorporate more of that into my fitness routine (assuming I get my fitness routine back). I also planked (60 seconds--I usually go until I feel like I'm losing my form). I hit 10k steps (barely). I got a little cleaning done (pretty much the bare minimum) and most importantly I finished proof reading chapter 2! I also managed to get rid of two separate types of vacuum cleaner bags. Ones we have no vacuum to match.

I didn't get the blog post written.

Today kids are home, and my peaches are in. My realistic goal is to sort through peaches and can whatever is ready. My unrealistic goal is to also get in a run with the girls, as we are doing a 5k next Saturday (and we are not ready). This is also a plank rest day.

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