Friday, September 05, 2014

September 5

So yesterday, I made it through my meeting. I probably talked a little too much, but overall I think it was the kind of rich discussion that it needed to be. I didn't get my pattern out, and I felt rushed all day long.

I did plank, for 90 seconds! And looked at my fitbit about 7:30 to see where I was and was surprised to discover I had hit 10k steps. I did a last minute decluttering, working again on my stationary and recycled a bunch of envelopes (that had no cards).

Today I'm planning some exercise if the weather cooperates. I'm also planning to do a big cleaning push and finish proofreading chapter 2 of my husband's book. I was hoping to dig out that pattern today as well. And update my decluttering blog.

All in all it is very typical of me, to plot and plan for more hours that I actually have. And one thing I am trying to work for (although failing maybe) is this thing where I plan so much and fill the time, plus some and then feel frazzled when everything doesn't get done.

How about you, are you good at pacing yourself, or do you regularly bite off more than you can chew?

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