Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 30

So here we are the last day of September. How did I do? Here are the goals:

Sew at least 3 pairs of pj pants for each girl
I did this! Well the third pair is awaiting elastic and a hem. This is not my fault, as the girl who wanted those pants has not tried on elastic.

Halloween costumes
The only progress I have made on this front is that I now know what everyone is going to be. Which is better than how I started September. Yesterday, I was going to make a shopping list , but could not find panda girl's rendition of how she wanted her costume to look. Found it as homework was kicking into high gear. Hopefully that will get done and I can actually shop for materials.

Can peaches
Did this! I have something like 34 cans of peaches.

Can tomatoes
Yep, even though I had to buy about half of my tomatoes. I have 18 or so cans. Plus pizza sauce. Ate some sauce made from the tomatoes last night too. YUM!

Finish sweater
I finished it yesterday! I'll do detail and pictures another day.

Start new sweater
Nope. And furthermore, I think I am going to put this sweater off until closer to spring. I guess that means I’m in need of a new project.

Socks for girls?

Update the decluttering blog at least once a week.
Close enough. I think I did 3 times this month.

I also had set some basic goals. Did get my 10k steps every day. I didn't always get rid of two things every day and I didn't always plank, but most days I did.

So, for today I’ll do my steps, planking, and decluttering. I volunteered this morning at the school library (which is why I’m late and I smell of goo gone--aren’t you glad you can’t smell me?). I’m going off to work in a little bit and then this afternoon I’ll be in project planning mode. Making my shopping list for Halloween, trying to decide what to knit next, thinking of October’s goals are all on the list. I wanted to start proofreading chapter 6 (I finished Chapter 5 yesterday!), but I think the planning might help more in the long run.

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