Thursday, September 04, 2014

Sept 4

Yesterday I canned 9 pints of crushed tomatoes, and 2 pints of sauce. I still have some tomatoes left, but not enough to do the 3 pints my canner will hold. Maybe if we get more at tonight's veggie pickup, I'll do more. I certainly want to do more. I'd like to have a dozen pints of crushed and at least 6 pints of sauce, but we will see.

I planked for 75 seconds-was going for 90. And got my 10k steps! I started going through my stationary again and tossed a set of postcards I've had...well far too long.

Today, I have meetings and some work stuff that is going to keep me from making any progress towards my bigger goals. Maybe if I have a minute I'll hunt for the pj pant pattern I want to use.

It is always hard for me when I can't see progress happening on the big goals, but I keep reminding myself that little steps are like putting together your mise en place in cooking. They make the bigger task easier.

How are you doing on your goals today?

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