Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22

Yesterday, I barely got my 10k steps, I planked three sets of 30 seconds and made two whole pairs of pj pants! This set was the matching "monster" set. And let me tell you I could not believe my girls wanted the same fabric, because they NEVER want to match. I had one set cut out, and yesterday I not only totally finished those, but the second ones as well. In fact one daughter wore hers to bed. I made some significant progress on the proof reading AND I read a bunch of my fun book.
This means I've made 2 of the 3 sets I set out to do in September!

What I did not do was declutter. I'm not sure why exactly.

Today the girls have a day off from school (for professional development, so maybe I should have signed them up for a conference?). Because of that, I'm setting my goals really low. Like steps, decluttering and planking, and not much else.

I need to go to my office and get some work done and I'll try to do that, but that almost feels like a stretch goal. Oh and I'm going to update my iPad to ios8. Hopefully that will go ok.

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