Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September 23

So yesterday was pretty much the time suck that I predicted, only with added tween drama. Yes, you must do your homework before you watch tv, even though you usually get a tv episode before homework (you know when you need to decompress from school--a place you didn't go!)

Anyway, I planked three sets of 30 seconds, barely got my 10k steps, and actually got rid of a huge pile of cleaning rags (I still have more do not despair), and a shirt that missed my big closet purge from this winter. I also managed to finish chapter 4 of the book I am proof reading, and finished my Louise Penny book.

Today, I volunteer at school, and need to get that work that I've been trying to get done since Friday (yes, I have a flexible job, but yes, they will get upset if I don't get this done soon). Am also plotting an afternoon bike ride.

Should be a fairly easy day to get my 10k steps! I'll still plank (going for the 4th set) and declutter. I don't see that I have any time to work on my larger sewing goals, but hopefully I'll get started on chapter 5 of the manuscript.

What's on your agenda today?

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