Wednesday, October 01, 2014

October 1

Yesterday I wrapped up September by not really doing too much planning towards October, but by planking (3 sets 30 seconds), getting my 10k steps, and getting rid of two things. I do have goals for October though. So without further ado:

Finish Halloween costumes.
Ok, this could actually say start halloween costumes. I do have the ideas: panda girl and poodle girl. I don't have fabric, or a real idea of what I'm going to pattern poodle girl on. I was thinking her monster costume from last year, but it doesn't have sleeves and she wants sleeves. I may look and see if there is something I can adapt.

Steps, planking, and delcuttering.

Get on a regular schedule.
I have been slowly working towards this and I feel like I am almost there.

knit something
I started a sock last night, hopefully I'll finish that pair and start the next before the end of the month.

I have so much more I want to accomplish, but I feel like to keep the goals reasonable, that's where they should stay. Of course, I want to finish the PJ pants--which would mean a pair for me and two more pairs for each girl, but they (and really everything) take a backseat to the costumes.

My mom is coming at the end of the month too, and I am hoping to have the guest room cleared out enough for guests (it is almost there thanks to the de-cluttering in September).

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