Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 14

Yesterday, I posted my update, checked both accuweather's minute cast and the weather channel radar, determined rain was not imminent, grabbed my ipod and headed out the door, promising that if it rained I could quit at 2 miles. I ended up going all 3, run/walking a 7/3. I also went to Meijer and did lots of running around the house, and so ended the day with what must be a record for me: 18K steps. I remembered to (grudgingly) do my 3 sets of 30 second planks. I ddi not de-clutter, but rather watched in amazement as people took my discards from the curb and loaded it into their pickup trucks. I worked on panda girl's costume, and got the bodice sewed together! I also cut out the skirt from fabric, realized the "interfacing" specified on the pattern was actually supposed to be an underskirt (and whoops, I didn't have the right kind or nearly enough). I went out after dinner, and bought some crinoline, because Joann's does not sell light buckram interfacing at all, much less in a 60" wide like the pattern calls for!!!

I also started on binding off the sock. It is a sewn bind off and is taking me for ever it feels like.
Plus you can see some last minute division practice in the background--big test today!

Today, I have a hair appointment, which cuts into my sewing time and probably will cut into my steps. Besides the big three, and the appointment, my goals today include, sewing on panda girl's skirt (hopefully trying to get to the tulle part), changing the frog water (ugh), and getting some work done for work. Hopefully it won't leave me too exhausted, as I'd like to have the girl try on the sock and it if fits, I'd like to finish binding it off.

PS I know it looks long and skinny, the child has long and skinny feet.

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