Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October 15

Yesterday was such a hectic day! I did get my 10k steps, I planked AND I got 4 items of clothing out of my closet and into the donation box.

I also managed to get the crinoline cut, and the skirt main fabric sewn together. I also got a bunch of crap done at work, although I am behind (I work for a non-profit who holds 3 fundraisers a year—the next one starts Friday. Yes, this Friday.). OH and I finished binding off the sock.

It occurred to me, as people asked on Facebook that I didn’t give details on the sock. So here goes:
Yarn: regia Fluormania color
Needles: 1.5 US which I think is 2.25mm
Pattern: On your toes From an Old Interweave knits. I have this pattern memorized because I use it All. The. Time.

Today, steps and decluttering of course. I’m going to yoga, so I’m skipping planking since we basically do planks between poses. I work another couple of hours today AND am taking girls (and me) to get flu shots today. I really want to get that shirt done, and get to the tulle today.

I must say too, that I am not anticipating this to be a great day. One of my children has been in a first class mood since last night at about 5pm. I’m not sure what happened to turn her so sour, but am thinking the idea of flu shots after her afterschool book club are not going to endear her to me slurpee bribe or not.

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