Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October 21

So yesterday I ran. My iPod gave out (batteries) and I still ran. It was ugly. But it meant I got my 15k steps.
I ran my errands too. Even though Joann's was FULL of people. Even though I had to wait in line for 45 minutes to buy 3/4 yard of interfacing.

I really put off laying out the poodle costume because of the fabric. I said last year that I would never work with that silky fur stuff again. I lied, I guess. I knew it would be messy, and so somehow I managed to de-mildew the shower AND vacuum all of the downstairs before I cut the pieces out. That turned out to be an epic mistake, because I had to vacuum again afterwards. But on the bright side, it is all cut out.

I planked 3 sets of 30 seconds. It was hard, which reminds me that I need to keep doing it.
You will note that I did not mention decluttering. I didn't do any.

Today, I need to volunteer and work both. The bathrooms need to get cleaned and the final stuff for the parental visit needs to happen. I think I’m down to washing the extra blankets.

Today, I also need to get in the big three, but probably the work will take care of steps. Somehow, I need to come up with a snack for my daughter’s book club too. She wants to bring cupcakes, but I guess that depends on if I have a cake mix, and frosting. I mean I could MAKE frosting, but it would need to be dairy free—and I usually make buttercream. And for sewing I need to decide: Alterations or start sewing the poodle. I may do the alterations, so that when I start sewing the shedding silky fur, I can clean the machine ONCE.

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