Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13

Our school district does not give us days off for most Federal holidays (Like Columbus day or veteran's day Or even Martin Luther King"s Birthday--so don't get your panties in a twist), but they do give us these random professional development days. The last one was Friday and we took great advantage and decided to develop our sightseeing skills. So Thursday afternoon when the kids got home, we loaded up the car and headed "north."
Heading north is what makes you a true Michigander--everyone heads north.

Our first stop was Traverse City/Interlochen. Interlochen is home to a very prestigious fine arts high school, and we were there to see a student performance. Most specifically a "collage" of student performances. It was wonderful. There was ballet, classical music, modern dance, singer songwriters, ensembles of all kinds (seriously, 8 bassoons), poetry, and a short film. Most of them were great, although some were a little freaky (short film, I'm looking at you). My girls LOVED it.

Friday is was even further north to Harbor Springs, with a stop in Charlevoix to see the Apple fest, which was a giant art show fronted by an entire farmer's market full of apples. By Friday night we had purchased: two pies (from Suzy's pies), a pound of taffy, A dozen Tom's Mom's cookies , and two jars of preserves from American Spoon foods. Yes, you can literally eat your way through Northern Michigan.

So, I did not plank Thursday or Friday or Saturday. I did do 3 sets of 30 seconds Sunday. I did not declutter anything Thursday or Friday or Saturday, although I took out a bunch of stuff for large trash pickup yesterday. I did get my 10K steps in EVERY DAY! I ran on Thursday which meant I had something like 12K steps before I even got in the car.

Sadly, no halloween progress was made. However, I did take along the sock I am working on and am ready to bind it off.

Today, the plan was to run. However, I hate hate hate running in the rain and there is an 80% chance of rain. I could have run before I wrote this, as it hasn't rained at all, but I also needed to finish my breakfast (going back to school is a hard transition from vacation). I do plan on decluttering, getting my steps, and planking. I need to work more on the costumes, and I need to make a grocery run. I also need to do all the laundry I didn't do over the weekend. I feel like I should run before I grocery shop, as this will give me time to focus and make a list, but it may work out the opposite rain wise. I also considered putting off my run until tomorrow, but the rain chance for tomorrow is 100%.
At any rate, I leave you here with some scenery from our trip. And hopefully tomorrow I'll have a picture of the finished sock. I thought I had a picture of the nearly finished sock, but alas I do not.


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