Thursday, October 09, 2014

October 9

Yesterday, I got my 10k steps and decluttered, but did not plank. I did go to yoga though.

I got brave with the Halloween costumes. I always get nervous as I'm about to cut a pattern out, because you really can't uncut something. I cut out the bodice of the panda girl dress, and the lining. I put in all the darts (lining and main fabric-- so 8 total) and fused the logo to the front of the bodice. I had hoped to sew it all together, but between work and after school stuff that just didn't happen.

Today, I am going to run, then go to work. Hopefully, I'll have some time to sew the bodice together, because I'd like to get that done before the weekend, which is starting today due to a pd day. Thankfully, our school district doesn't do Columbus Day, so Monday should be back to normal.

At any rate, I won't be updating again until Monday as the goals will really only be the big three. Enjoy your weekend!

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