Wednesday, October 08, 2014

October 8

Well yesterday I did get my steps, and I planked 3 sets of 30 seconds, and while I dithered for the longest time about de-cluttering, I did decide to go have a looksee in the storage areas of our basement. And there I found several empty boxes that I felt like I didn't need, so i broke them down for recycling. Yes, that's sad, they weren't even broken down.

I wasn't sure how much sewing I was going to be able to do, because I had both volunteering and work. But I managed to get the panda girl logo mostly done (all it needs is some drawing):

And I did google the cross cut thing, and I think I have that figured out. (Maybe).

It also came to my attention that certain people in the household are sick of the stress of halloween costumes. To which I say 1) I'm stressing more on the fact that I put this off and 2) if this applies to you--you might want to stop reading this month.

Today, the usual plus, Farmer's market, yoga, cutting out the panda dress, gassing up the car, more work, and some routine cleaning.

Part of my wanting to get into a routine for the month was to figure out which "chores" I could reasonably do on which days. I like knowing when things were last cleaned, and being able to say--Oh hey it is Wednesday, time to clean X. I don't actually like cleaning though, so I tend to put things off until they bother me. Am attempting to get ahead on things.

Oh hey you made it through to the end--here's a picture of my coffee mug and my knitting.
mug and knitting

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