Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 28

Yesterday I did an amazing thing--I finished the poodle jacket. Did you hear that? I FINISHED THE POODLE JACKET! Granted I only had to put in a zipper to call it done, but I had to buy the zipper.

So funny story with this--I measured for the zipper--24 inches, went to Joann's, found a 24 inch separating zipper, brought it home, realized upon laying the zipper out that while yes, one side of the jacket is 24 inches, the other is only 22. Yep, I'm just that great of a seamstress! Let's just say we went with 22, and some hems got added. So that added a few layers, because I also had to trim the zipper--so that meant making a new zipper stop.

I also realized that a while ago I decluttered my patterns and got rid of the one with instructions for making a non-sew tutu. Some people would say--see don't ever throw things away you might need! I say--Google! At any rate, I have a ton of tulle, and a plan for making a pink tutu (and possibly wrist and ankle tutus.

It probably goes without saying that I did my 10K steps, planked and de-cluttered. But I feel like saying it because--I didn't run. I wanted to stick around until my parents left, but by the time they did--it was 10am, and I just lost my will to run. I cleaned bathrooms, showered, did 5 loads of laundry, the above sewing and many other odds and ends (Oh yeah started chapter 8!)

Today, aside from the big three (and my volunteer shift at school--done!), I want to get tulle cut out for the tutu. I didn't measure any elastic on the girl before she went to school, so I really can't do the whole thing. I also need to look at panda girl's belt and mask and boots. I told her I'd at least get the belt, but it would be nice to have the whole thing. I have to work a few hours today though AND run to meijer, so we'll see what happens.

OH! And cupcakes part 2 maybe. See my girls are twins, and they do some activities together--including this book club. Last week panda girl offered to bring the cupcakes I mentioned, so then I thought phew, I don't have more of those to do--but then it turns out this week is poodle girl's turn to bring treats! Really? two weeks in a row? I could do cupcakes again (if I buy a cake mix and cupcake liners while I am out), or I could do something else--but the club is tomorrow, so I need to do it today--with no guidance from the girl.

My entry in yesterday's black and white was one of panda girl--who then turned the camera on me after 20 or so shots. I like this one she got of me--even if it wasn't one of my "official" entries.


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