Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20

Oh how much this weekend, I wanted to be in Illinois. My mom was in a play, my cousin had a wedding reception (they had eloped), and it was homecoming at the college I graduated from. Sadly, I was not in Illinois, I was here feeling spectacularly run down and slightly crappy.

Friday was just so busy. I managed 15K steps--I hadn't wanted to run but Oh was it ever a good run. And the rest of the day went super smoothly (probably because as it turned out--I forgot a bunch of stuff) and even the evening went fairly well. Only two people were upset with me at my job, which when you work with the public is actually pretty amazing.

I got the super panda costume all done and ready to fit--it still needed a zipper and to be taken in, two things I hoped to do over the weekend. However, my model would NOT try it on until Sunday night. So while I know how much it needs to be taken in, I have not actually done the alterations. I read over the poodle girl's pattern and figured out I need fusible interfacing, but really no sewing.

There was no decluttering or planks Friday. There was decluttering Saturday, when I secretly added 4 shirts to the donation bin from my girl's "outgrown but OH I LOVE this shirt" pile. There were no planks Saturday, and getting my 10k steps was a big chore (but I did it!). I also battled a massive headache most of the day--which means I sat and read a LOT.

Sunday, I felt better and planked 2 sets of 30 seconds, got my 10K steps AND cleaned out the pencil drawer (which was so full it was barely opening, and was responsible for the pens I kept finding under the bread machine in the cupboard below). In addition, I was dusting the guest room and found several other things I decided I no longer needed. Like I said though, so sewing. Also I took the girls shopping, which I think should get me a medal. It is always tricky when I take them shopping together. I have one who is quite daring in her fashion choices, and one that is more practical. The practical one needed pants--which she wanted to interpret as leggings, and needed a top to cover her bum. The fashionista was VERY put out that I wasn't going to buy her an outfit too (she HAS leggings, tunics, regular pants you name it!). She went so far as to try on silver leggings (tin man) and gold leggings (C3PO) and nearly had a fit when I told her no. Like I said--medal needed.

Today, I am still feeling pretty rundown. Mostly tired. The headache from Saturday had pretty much dissipated by Sunday but maybe I overdid it. I do have things I need to take care of today. My parents are coming to visit this week (hence the guest room decluttering) and I have a bunch of stuff I'd like to take care of before they arrive. I have a huge list of errands (including that fusible interfacing) and I'd like to get all my job work taken care of before they come.

I think today will need to be running, running errands, and cutting out the poodle girl's costume (plus of course, my big three). It means I'll have to be putting in a zipper probably while my girls are practicing their instruments, but they've been playing for a year, so it isn't as bad as it might be. Plus no squeaky instruments. I do hope to go completely through the clothing storage box before the girls get home from school, and do more clandestine decluttering, but that is more of a stretch goal.

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