Thursday, October 02, 2014

October 2

I was going to start out with--Man yesterday just sucked like a Dyson. But in fact, most of the day was quite lovely and didn't suck. I went to yoga, and then went biking with one of my former running friends, out to the other running friend's new house. I love spending time with these ladies, they are a great support team and people I know I can count on in good times and bad. We don't run 2-3 times a week like we used to and I miss spending that time with them. So that was fun.

Then I picked up the children.
Probably the less said about this the better. I'll just leave it as--today my goal is to do better.

Due to the fun times AND the sucky times, I did not plank or de-clutter yesterday. Although I did decide yesterday that my oldest running shoes have probably "outlived their usefulness" to me. I didn't count that because they are still sitting the hall and not the donation bin or the trash bin. I got my 10K steps, mostly by pacing around after the girls went to bed. I also did yoga--so that's kind of planking right? Plus we did three boat poses, and I did not wimp out in any of the ways I usually wimp out.
I also did a little planning on costumes, deciding to make the poodle girl's costume out of a jacket pattern (I think). I have three pattern possibilities.

Today, I'm going to de-clutter (actually take the shoes down to the box), get my steps in and plank. I'm also going to look again at the jacket patterns and narrow them down to one I think will work. I'm going to get panda girl measured, and make my supply list. I also am going to tackle all the household chores I have let slide the last 2 days.

Stretch goal: Get my newly finished sweater photographed, so I can write about it tomorrow!

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