Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October 22

I was just not 30 minutes ago praising my own time management skills, and then got sucked into facebook. Sigh.

Ok, yesterday. yesterday was the usual whirlwind of activity. 11K steps, 3 sets of 30 planks, just some general paper clutter (and a chapstick) gone. I volunteered, i went to work where I discovered a whole bunch of work leftover from the fundraiser. Plus a bunch of volunteers needing to de-compress. Would you believe our deposits were off for the weekend (They were more than we had written down--so that was good but STILL)? Then I came home and made cupcakes. Did I mention the cupcakes yesterday? Maybe. Anyway, I bought a cake mix and a frosting and while the girls did homework, I baked cupcakes. I was feeling very domestic until one of the girls asked me if I'd frost them using the pastry bag "so they'd look nice." Um yeah no.
DSCN3760 I don't think they look bad? They're cupcakes for crying out loud!

Hey I also got the zipper basted into super girl costume. And the alterations done. And I think my guest area is ready for guests.

Today, big three PLUS: Guests arriving.
Seriously: yoga, farmer's market, small grocery run, clean bathroom upstairs, more sewing. I'm hoping to finish the zipper, because BAH. I also have to run the cupcakes over to school and I should do some work, so I don't have to go in tomorrow. I'm not sure how all of this is going to get done, so I'll have to prioritize.

I said to my husband that I felt like my load did not lift once my fundraiser was over like I thought it would. And he said--it has, you just have gotten a lot of crap thrown at you that added to it. I looked confused and said like what? "Cupcakes" was all he said.

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