Friday, October 03, 2014

October 3

Yesterday was a little bit better kid wise--except I made a classic parenting mistake and did not actually check the homework progress before I agreed to let them have a friend over. When I did check I discovered that "a few problems" to them means 13 of the 20 were still left to do. Sigh. So I didn't have whining and crying over homework, I had sassy attitude and I hate yous over cutting the fun time with friends short. Hopefully the weekend will give us all the break we need.

I did manage to get my 10k steps (side note, my husband is a gem! He knew I needed to get out, and he offered to shepherd miss sassy pants and her sister through band practice and reading time while I walked.). I planked 3 sets of 30 seconds, which felt easier! And I took the running shoes to the donation box and went through my rainbow girl jewelry. This is another thing I know I should just get rid of entirely, and yet I can't bring myself to. I did get rid of 4 of the pins.

I started my fabric shopping list for the costumes, but it isn't done. I need to check my coupons and get moving on that.

Today, I was going to run, but the radar has Michigan looking like this:

(Lansing helpfully highlighted--and PS I do not live in the "thumb" area--which is the only place looking clear right now)

I don't run in the rain.
Steps might be the challenge today. Planks and de-cluttering are still on deck. I'm also going to try to finish the shopping list and possibly go shopping for some of the fabric and notions. It just feels like a good day to stay home and clean and sew and make soup, so I may do all those things.

In the meantime, I leave you with the puffball mushroom, that appeared on our porch:


And the progress on the kid sock I am making:

Yes, that is a lifeline of dental floss--I need to knit a bit more and see if it fits the recipient. I know a smarter person would have figured gauge, measured the foot and mathed it out. As opposed to me, a person willing to "waste" two days worth of sock knitting to make sure it fits the kid's foot the way she wants it to fit. the lifeline marks the spot where I would need to increase if I make it bigger. I happen to think it is the right size, but the girl in question was dubious with just the toe made.

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