Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I knew long ago that if I ever started a knitting blog, I could not use it to exclusively show off finished objects. Well not if I wanted to update more than a few times a month. It isn't really that I knit slow--although I suppose I do (I'm a thrower--although if I do have a simple garter stitch thing, I can pick. I can't pick the purl--HA!). I like to think it is because I knit big. It of course might have a little to do with how much I knit, but since I try to knit at least a little almost every day, I'll say this isn't it.

What I always thought this space might be for would be a little bit of dreaming, a little bit of queing (as well as finished objects and whatever "big" lessons I learned with any project.

Like any knitter (most knitters I know anyway) I usually have more than one project going. I like to have one easy or portable (sometimes not the same thing) and one that's a little more challenging. I don't always manage to pull off this balance. And sometimes I force myself to finish one project before starting another. right now, I have only two projects on the needles--Knitting pure and simple's neck down hooded tunic, and knitty's Ice Queen.
The tunic is progressing--I have one arm and the hood yet to do--I finished the first arm last night, but didn't pick up the stitches for the second arm yet. Ice queen just got started today and already, I'm thinking that I need sharper needles for the mohair, because the K2tog (for any non-knitters out there this is where you knit two stitches together) is really hard with my dull tipped circs.
But, I also have a lot of projects that I dream about doing--or even plan to do. Just for fun, I thought I'd list as many of the plan to dos that I can think of:
A panda (from Knitted toys
a Pig (same place--although this would be my third pig--more on that some other day)
Monkey socks
Lacey waves socks
I guess that isn't too bad, but those are just the things I've wanted to cast on and probably will in the next few months. This doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of things I have yarn for, or things I saw on ravelry I'd like to make, or things I'll make someday but who knows when.

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