Wednesday, March 04, 2009

she who hesitates...

So I finally decided that I want to knit my dollar and a half cardigan in Coffee--the dark brown Cotlin from knitpicks. I dare you to follow that link... because if you do you'll see that it is not currently available until APRIL 24. If you want irony here, my husband decided that a great birthday present would be to get me that yarn, but since he's a smart cookie, he got me a gift certificate instead. So I have a gift certificate to cover the entirety of a $50 order, I have plans for a $50 order and perhaps by April the purple sock yarn that rounds it out will also be gone. Moral of this story--do not dither on colors, go with your first instinct and BUY it NOW. That is all.

This kind of throws me off in another way too. I had decided that the dollar and a half cardigan was going to be my next big project. Now it is on hold until MAY. And I need something else to knit. I have a gift card to the local yarn shop (do you see where this is going? my family know me, but they don't know yarn, so they gift card me!) and the pattern for the Central Park Hoodie. But I'm afraid if I start it now, it will get finished just in time for the temp to hit 80F. I also have been thinking about Hey Teach. I may take both patterns with me and head over and see what strikes my fancy.

In the meantime, I've started in on my cousin's quilt. I spent an hour Monday and about half an hour today cutting some of the strips. I found some additional scraps of fabric that fit with the blue/yellow theme and have had a blast using them up. I've got enough cut that I can start some of the sewing, and so that might be the next step. It should also give me an idea of what else I should be cutting.

I also finished some things. My birthday socks. Done using some sort of self-striping meilenweit--the ball band having been destroyed by some little girls in my house. I used my Sox Stix on them, and whooo, they were fun to work with. Although I did a swatch the other day with my knit picks harmony needles, and I think I like them better (and they are considerably cheaper too).
birthday socks

I also finished the sweater for the Panda. I'm glad these were quick knits--nothing like having a child ask you every single day--Is it done yet? Stillwater is COLD!
stillwater's sweater


Katie said...

Panda = adorable. Sorry about the color availability - that always sucks.

Cinnamonamon said...

Ugh -- isn't that the worst? If you happen to *really* want that purple sock yarn, let me know -- I'm putting an order in on Thursday (or as late as Sunday, if requested!). I'd be happy to bump your order up to $50 in April when your chocolate brown comes in...I'm sure I can find *something* to buy, lol.

Oh -- the Panda sweater is way cute -- and I might be in trouble; my oldest said "wow, a sweater for her panda!" And I vote for Hey Teach -- it's supposed to be a quick knit, and it will be great to wear in the warm weather...and very spring-inspiring, too! :)