Monday, December 21, 2009


I finished the scarf. It did not turn out the be 80 inches. I got busy so it turned out to be 76 inches. She seemed to like it. Details later:
long view


long view

I had to block it at my MIL's because it turns out that I don't have 70+ inches of long space that won't get run over 20 times a day.


Trisha said...

Very pretty! I really want to get some blocking boards like that. I love that you can change the shape by the way you lock them together.

Jodie said...

Those are actually kids blocks! On the other side they have Sesame Street characters and letters/numbers. WE got them for the girls years ago and when they outgrew them, I saw something like them in the Knitpicks catalog and I co-opted them for me!