Monday, March 01, 2010


So, the knitting olympics. Well, when I picked my project and decided I'd participate, I was just getting over a really bad cold. I figured I'd finish the bee sweater, make the repairs on the panda sweater and still have time for the project (pretty thing by the Yarn harlot). In fact I remember thinking, and if I finish this early I'll attempt to finish these socks I started.

Pardon me while I laugh.

First, let me say that I had what might be called an unforeseen injury. Two days after the olympics began, I broke out in the worst case of hives I have ever had. EVER. I itched, I swelled, I hurt. The culprit turned out to be one of the antibiotics I had taken for my secondary infection (brought on by the cold).
I lost 4 days to those hives.

At any rate, I soldiered on. I made an error that set me back a day. I made several more that set me back several hours. I thought about trying cheese since it seemed to work for Lindsey Vonn.

In the end, the closing ceremonies were on my birthday (and my daughters') and though I was a mere 7 rows from the end, I opted instead to talk with my mom and brother on the phone, eat dinner with my family AND have ice cream afterwards.
It was a tactical decision and made it so I did not finish until about 11am this morning. And that's only if you don't count blocking.

I bought a special 16 inch us 3 addi turbo circular for this project and used Buckingham which is a alpaca silk blend. I only used half the skein, but I think it might be cutting close to attempt another out of it. Maybe if I cut it down a few rows. At any rate, I had what Bob Costas might call the "agony of defeat" when after binding it off, it barely went over my head. But barely is the word and it went.

pretty thing


Trisha said...

So sorry about your hive incident. I have had hives before and they are SO horrible. Glad it wasn't the yarn that gave it to you. And congrats on a finish which is better than I can say about my Olympic knitting experience. :)

Helena said...

This came out lovely! You made the right decision to put your family first. :-) The knitting will always wait.