Wednesday, April 13, 2011

easily distracted

I had an entry started but I think this might be a better one to describe this and any other long absence I have from this blog. I am easily distracted.

I say this because I still haven't finished my central park hoodie--although I am on sleeve number 2 and I am certain I will have enough yarn to finish that sleeve, but not enough for the hood and trim. I'm attempting to get more. Usually my second fear is that it will be too small (or too big) and so I've been blocking pieces of this sweater, and I'm more hopeful of its fit.

But I haven't been spending as much time on that as I could. I started the second sock of the screaming green variety--have gotten it cast on and 1/4 inch of ribbing.

Then there is this sale thing coming up this weekend and I wanted to make a few necklaces to see how they'd sell. So I did.

Then at the library I got ahold, by accident because Dewey was so helpful in putting the knitting books near the beading books, this book on making stringed beaded jewelry that shows you how to make earrings that I LOVE. And it doesn't look too hard. (Stringing beaded jewelry in case you are curious). And honestly stitch markers are very similar in construction.

And then one of my daughters brought out a sweater I knit for her and it has a hole. And I thought, I'll blog that repair. So I have that in the works!
So you see, I distract easily, but I hope that it will all come together soon and you'll see post after post after post. Now, though, I need to go buy some earring findings.

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