Monday, May 16, 2011

Central Park Hoodie!

Last Monday as the temperatures soared into the upper 70s, I finished my all wool Central Park hoodie.

I did get a chance to wear it for a few hours at work, where the air conditioner made it comfy. but I didn't really get a good picture until Sunday when the temps went back down into the 50s.

central park hoodie

It fits! And I have one skein of the beautiful Lark (in leek!) from Quince and Company left. I can not recommend this yarn enough. And when I had to get more (I would have been one short in my original), Pam Allen was gracious enough to make sure I had the right dyelot. It is so sproingy and was such fun to work with.

I was going to say, I can't wait to wear it, but I am really looking forward to summer. Instead I'll say--I'll be taking every opportunity to wear it. Or maybe I'll just have it out this week. At any rate, I loved knitting with this yarn so much I bought the pattern Estelle and enough yarn to make it (for my birthday).

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Daisy said...

It looks terrific!

I cast on for a Central Park hoodie about six months ago and have gone no further. I haven't made an adult-sized sweater yet and am experiencing paralyzing sweater anxiety. Probably too close to summer to start messing with it, but I'm thinking early in the fall I'll need to get over myself and start knitting it because I really, really want one.