Thursday, August 25, 2011

long over due...

It has been a month almost since I last updated. I still haven't made the peach jam, although maybe next week. I've made two batches of pesto--one is in the freezer and one in the fridge and then I knit this:


It is the Lodi cardigan I mentioned in the last entry . I ended up with yarn leftover, so I could have made the sleeves a tad longer. I ended up using buttons that I originally purchased for my first central park hoodie, but I think they look better on this sweater.


What I did not think looked good was how I looked compared to the model in this sweater. I feel frumpy while she looks very chic. Then it was pointed out to me that perhaps if I buttoned the cardi in the middle, it would accentuate my waist and I would look not as A line and boxy. and lo and behold when I went to look at the picture to link to this entry, what did I notice--the model is wearing hers with a middle button buttoned! All in the styling I tell you.

I keep thinking that this is the time to start the dollar and a half cardigan. That way it will be ready to wear when it starts to get cooler. but then I start to feel all overwhelmed.
Patterns are on sale at Joann's over labor day weekend, so halloween costumes are just around the corner!

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